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It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment that you want to celebrate with your partner. You’ve found out that you’re pregnant, and you want to share the great news with your other half. But how? The three of you will have to adapt to this new development of your life, so it’s important to find ways to support one another along the way. When you tell your husband that you’re pregnant, it’s an emotional experience for everyone. And as with all major life events, you want to do something that helps make the moment even more special for both you and your husband. So, without further ado, here are 10 fun and cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant.

1.Make a Baby Video

Making an excellent baby video needs research, effort, and sufficient time. You can come up with an idea that reflects your and your husband’s story. You can hire someone to make one for you, and it can be animated or made to look like a movie. If you want to make it yourself, there are video templates for pregnancy announcements available online. You can use cute baby images with placeholder text that you can alter to express your own personalized message. Invite your husband to a movie night at home, but instead of watching a movie, you’ll show the baby news video. Don’t forget to record his reaction.

2.Make a Baby Shower List


It may be too early for a baby shower, but it is never too early to make a baby shower list. Women enjoy organizing events, so why not use this as an opportunity to plan your baby shower while also telling your husband of your pregnancy? Your baby shower list will serve as both props for your pregnancy announcement and a list for your actual baby shower. You can place the list on top of your side table, where your husband will see it, or in another location where he will notice it. So, when he sees your baby shower list, he’ll be puzzled and ask you why you’re making one.

3.Surprise him with a Photoshoot


If you already have a photoshoot planned, such as couple shots or family portraits, this can be a great moment to slip in a pregnancy announcement. Bring a photographer to the photoshoot and act like you’re going to take a couple shots. Show him your positive pregnancy test kit in the middle of the photo shoot. His reaction to the pregnancy announcement will be something to watch for and capture. You will not only have your pregnancy revealed, but you will also have your pregnancy photo taken. This is not only a cute way to tell husband you’re pregnant, but it’s also a memorable event that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

4.Make a maternity photo collage


Most women enjoy making collages, particularly ones that they can give to their loved ones. Surprise your hubby with a photo collage of your pregnancy. Take a photo of your positive pregnancy test kit, as well as yourself cradling your modest bump, baby shoes, and etc. Be creative with your collage, and you can also include a message in it. This is one of the cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant that women can come up with. You may either display it on your wall or wrap it up and present it to your husband as a gift.

5.Set up a playroom for the new arrival


You’re busy preparing for a playroom, but you’re doing it discreetly so your husband doesn’t notice. Setting up a playroom requires careful planning in order to get a pleasing interior. You’re doing it not simply to surprise your husband, but it’ll also serve as a playroom for your baby. So, once you’ve wrapped everything up, blindfold your husband and take him to the new room. Then you’ll show him the baby’s playroom. He’ll undoubtedly grasp the message, and I’m sure he’ll react with emotion, and of course, he’ll compliment you on the lovely playroom you’ve created.

6.Help him decorate the nursery


How thrilling is it to get your nursery ready for your first child? How about doing it at the same time you tell your husband you’re pregnant? Tell your husband first that you are going to perform some renovations in your house, such as asking for his assistance in renovating the spare room you have. Prepare the baby supplies for the nursery without informing your husband until the big day. When the renovation day arrives, inform him that you are putting up a nursery and that the materials are ready. The news of your pregnancy, as well as the idea that you’re going to set up a nursery, will fill him with joy and excitement.

7.A Secret Gift


If you’re preparing to give your husband something he’s always wanted, such as a new DSLR camera, new shoes, or a playstation, include a positive pregnancy test kit or a baby onesie in your gift. Of course, he will be pleased to receive the thing that he has been anticipating, thus doing so will undoubtedly surprise and delight him, as he will receive two gifts from you.



Modern technology allows everything from food to groceries to medicines to be delivered straight to your doorstep. Send your husband diapers by ordering them to be delivered to your home. A box of diapers delivered to him will definitely confuse him, as he will think it is delivered to the wrong person, but his name is on the box. He will soon realize it is your way of announcing that you are pregnant.

9.Get dolled up for baby pictures


This could be one of the most entertaining and cute ways to tell husband you’re pregnant. If you love cosplaying, dress up as a baby and take pictures of yourself as a baby. Your husband may find it amusing at first, but you can show him numerous images, including one of you holding a board and saying “Hi Daddy.”

10. Help him get ready for the baby’s arrival

No matter how much we plan, pack, and buy for our baby’s arrival, we never really feel ready until the time comes! Some new parents are so anxious and concerned that they are not ready to become parents. There are hundreds of books about pregnancy available. Pregnancy books can give you a basic idea of what to expect each week of your pregnancy. It would be a great idea to give one to your husband. You can even use the title as a pregnancy announcement!

Just enjoy the moment and your husband’s reaction when he finds out you are pregnant, whichever way you choose. That moment will remain with you forever.

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