Laser Hair Removal

Can You Consider Laser Hair Removal a Permanent Solution?

The growth of unwanted hair is a cause of inconvenience for everyone. There are many temporary methods like waxing or shaving. But all of them only helps in losing the battle against hair. Because shaving sometimes results in cuts and provide relief only for a week. Whereas waxing is rather better but is more painful and time-consuming. Moreover, provides relief from unwanted hair only for a few weeks. Both of them also have failed in giving a glowing and smooth skin appearance.

On the other hand, Laser Hair Removal is a long-term treatment for hair removal. Laser Hair Removal for Men and Laser Hair Removal for Women are available at a variety of spas. Because a desire of getting rid of unwanted hair is of the same level in both genders. This method directly targets hair follicles and destroys them. But there is a chance of hair regrowth if the follicle is not destroyed during laser treatment. Moreover, hormonal changes or stress can also cause hair regrowth.

The growth of hair follows a specific cycle which is composed of three stages. These stages are referred to as resting, shedding, and growing phases. The technician will not be able to see hair that is in the resting stage. So, an individual needs to wait until hair enters into a growth phase. Most people are required to take several laser sessions for almost 2-3 months.

Permanence Of Laser Hair Removal:

After the destruction of a hair follicle, hair removal becomes permanent. But people taking this treatment must expect that hair can grow back. Over time, it’s possible that you can have a treatment of the target area again. The target areas for the laser process can be the chest, underarm, face, neck, eyebrow and many more. Some people have experienced permanent hair loss in a target area.

But those people who have experienced hair regrowth reported it less noticeable. Because Laser Hair Removal damage follicles even if it fails to destroy. Destruction of every single hair follicle is not so easy. Therefore, the laser process is not a permanent solution to get rid of permanent hair. But for sure it is near to a permanent procedure.

If hair regrows, those who want follicle destruction can go under several laser sessions. Other hair removal methods like plucking stray hair are convenient at this stage.

The Duration for Which Impact of Laser Treatment Lasts:

We are so far clear in case of only damage to follicles hair can regrow. So, it is important to know the effectiveness of this process in this case. The time period of hair growth is determined by each individual’s hair growth cycle. Because everyone experiences a unique growth cycle.

The hair of most people grows at a faster pace than others. If hair is in the resting phase, it will take more time to regrow other than being in another phase. So, some people can expect growth of hair within a few months. If this happens, it is not essential to go for a laser treatment. Because other methods of hair removal can take over from there.

Is Skin or Hair Colour Matters?

A laser is appropriate for people who have a pale complexion and dark hair. The pigment contrast makes it easy for a laser to target hair. It feasibly travels through the hair and damage follicles. Whereas people with light hair and dark skin need more sessions. There is a strong possibility in them that they can experience hair regrowth.

For permanent removal, a technician should know how to target hair. It is also a necessary element to choose the right kind of laser. According to research, a laser that produces a long wavelength is ideal for dark skin.

Risks Or Side Effects Associated with Laser Treatment:

There is a chance that some people might feel burning or stinging. Especially, when it comes to the Laser Hair Removal of a sensitive target area. So, technicians apply a numbing cream to a target area. They also advise taking a pain killer before taking this treatment. Because numbing cream might cause allergic reactions or irritation in certain persons. There are some minor effects of laser session which are given below:

  • Skin colour might change but it is a temporary one. This side effect often occurs in people having dark skin.
  • Reddishness appears on the skin.
  • Crusting of skin.
  • Sometimes scarring occurs because of irritation.
  • There is a chance of getting infected for damaged skin.
  • Although this is a very rare scenario that skin infections can develop and become life-threatening.

Before this treatment its necessary for individuals to avoid sun exposure. The sun might irritate skin which might increase the chances of blisters and scars.

People who experience the following side effects should seek immediate medical attention:

  • Intense pain
  • Fever
  • Crusting
  • Blisters
  • Any other signs of skin damage

Laser Hair Removal Cost:

Several factors determine the total cost of laser hair removal. Furthermore, who is providing this Laser Treatment for Hair Removal also matters a lot. Skilled professionals like Dermatologists will charge more than others. But the risks of injury or side effects will be very low.

Other factors that significantly affect cost are:

  • The number of sessions required for the treatment.
  • Amount of hair regrowth.
  • Quantity of hair present in a specific area.
  • Size of a target area.

Hair removal of upper lips will cost less than a region of an entire leg.

Bottom Line:

Laser treatment can significantly reduce the amount of hair from the target area. Because in some people there is a chance of hair growth. Even if hair grows, it doesn’t negatively impact the smoothness of the skin. To be clearer about it, ask for details from the professionals of reliable spa-like Meridian Spa. There are some skin complexions and hair colours that experience better results from this treatment. If we talk about the cost, it depends on a few factors which are given above. This is obvious that laser session is a long-term solution to hair removal. Sometimes, results in permanent hair loss in some people.

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