Digital Drawing with a Laptop

Getting Set Up for Digital Drawing with a Laptop

The bug has bitten, and you are keen to try your hand at digital drawing. What hardware and software will you need? Once you have it, where do you start? We provide these answers.

Deciding On Your Hardware

Here are several hardware setups that work for digital drawing. The first is a graphics tablet. It is connected to your laptop, PC, or monitor. It consists of a specially designed stylus, hotkeys, and the surface on which you will draw. The latter is sensitive to pressure, which enables you to use different strokes for effect. The hotkey functionalities are dependent on the specific device.

As a graphics tablet doesn’t come with a screen, you need to acquire the monitor separately or connect to an existing one. Editing will need to be done on your laptop or computer. A difficulty most beginners have is learning to look at the laptop screen while drawing and not at the graphics tablet.

Display tablets are another option. Another name for them is a pen display. Your work is displayed as you draw. These are very similar to an ordinary tablet. You can get one with a touch screen that is ultra-sensitive to pressure and mimics the texture of paper. Display tablets are highly portable

Drawing laptops, such as Lenovo drawing laptops, are designed for artistic purposes. Some aspects to consider are high resolution, a powerful processor, a long battery life, cable-less portability, and colour accuracy. Extended battery life is great for an artist who wants to work outdoors. A drawing laptop may come with a touchscreen. This is also pressure-sensitive.

Finally, some people recommend two-in-one laptops used with a stylus.

Selecting Your Software

Your operating system (Microsoft or Mac) needs to accommodate the software you have in mind. Check the requirements of any software before buying it.

There are a few apps that are useful to the novice that are also used by the experts. For example, MyPaint, which is compatible with both operating systems, imitates the tools used in traditional artwork, such as charcoal and dried paint. It is recommended as the perfect starting software.

Krita is a free software for manga and comics and is known for its customizability to the user’s preferences. Sketchbook is more in the realm of professional artists, meaning you will want to get it at some stage. Art Weaver is also good for the new digital artist without reducing its scope and features. You can also try the free version of Medibang paint.

Drawing Tips For Beginners

No previous drawing experience is needed to start drawing with a laptop. There are many good videos out there that provide step-by-step instructions. Watch a few of these and jump right in.

Mastering the stylus takes some practice. You should try not to move your wrist but let the movement originate in the shoulders. Draw your lines quickly with a gliding motion for a smoother result. Avoid putting pressure on the stylus and creating wrist pain.

Get to know the tools on your software and how to use them. There are plenty of how-to guides if one of them stumps you.

Note that you can draw on a laptop even if you do not have a stylus. Simply go to the taskbar and do a right-click, Choose and click on the Show Windows Ink Workspace button and you are set. You will see the button for the Windows Ink Workspace under the notifications section. This will allow you to access the sketchpad and other options.

Drawing with a laptop is both a skill and an art.

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