Exterior Painting

How to Calculate the Cost of Exterior Painting?

Before you tackle your next exterior painting project, you must first prepare the exterior by pressure washing it. This will ensure that the surface is clean and free of any debris. The surface should be completely dry before you begin applying the product. Exterior surfaces can take up to three days to dry completely, so allow extra time between coats. Remember that the drying time of paint increases as the days get shorter. This is because less daylight means less time to paint. Moreover, the paint will require additional drying time between coats.

Durability Of Exterior Paints

The durability of exterior paints is important for many reasons. First, the paint should resist fouling, which is a common problem in large cities. Second, the paint product should be easy to maintain. The longer the maintenance painting interval, the less likely the product will need to be repainted. Third, it should last for many years. In addition to these considerations, the paint product should also be low-VOC and resistant to a wider range of substrates.

In terms of water-proofing, the durability of exterior paints is vital in a country like India, which is prone to heavy rains. Water-resistant emulsions will protect against water damages and ward off moisture, dampness and mold. One paint that offers 360-degree protection against water is Nippon Paint’s Weatherbond Pro. It comes with a water-repellent film and fibers that help keep the paint from fading and peeling.

Cost Of Exterior Painting

The most accurate way to calculate the cost of exterior painting is to measure the square footage of the surface area. Using a tape measure or a laser measuring tool, calculate the total square footage for the walls and ceilings of each room and subtract the width and height of windows and doors from this figure. If the paint job is primarily for the exterior of the home, the square footage will be approximately 10 times greater than the total square footage of the room.

The cost of exterior paint will vary depending on the size of the home, the quality of the paint used, the season, and prep work required. Paint prices go up if you want a lighter color, and you might need to request more than one coat to get the right shade. Paint costs can also increase if you have a garage or other structures, and you may need extra trim. Consider whether the garage will be painted or not.


The first step in any exterior painting project is preparation. The preparation for exterior painting goes beyond scraping the old paint and preparing the surfaces. Your home’s exterior takes a beating from the elements. Proper preparation will help your home’s exterior look its best for years to come. Listed below are tips for proper exterior painting preparation. You should also take care to protect your home from lead exposure. If you’re preparing an older home for exterior painting, you must follow lead-safe practices.

The first step of preparation for exterior painting is to remove loose paint and debris from the surface. Clean surfaces are easier to paint and more durable. Make sure to use protective equipment, such as eye protection. Before beginning the exterior painting project, clean up all household items and move them away from the work area. This step protects them from chemicals and pressure washing. You may also find it necessary to cover windows and rooflines to prevent dust and dirt from making their way inside the home.

Cost Of Hiring A Professional

While the cost of hiring a professional for exterior painting may be higher than hiring a do-it-yourself painter, there are many benefits to hiring a pro. For one thing, you can rest assured that your home will receive top-quality results. Another benefit is that a professional painter can save you hours or even days of work. In fact, professional painters can often complete the exterior painting of a home in one day.

The cost of hiring a professional for exterior painting can vary depending on the scope of work and materials. As a general rule, the more prep work is required, the more expensive the paint will be. Also, if you’re not experienced with painting trim, you’ll likely make a mistake and end up spending more than you need to. In addition, professional painters have the right equipment and cleaning supplies to complete the job efficiently.

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