Gratitude Cards

The majority of individuals have understood the worth of giving or receiving a handmade gratitude card. While drafting an email or sending a text is considered a humble way to say thank you, a homemade gratitude card is perhaps more heartfelt and memorable.  

DIY thank you cards often reflect your efforts to take time and create a one-of-a-kind sentiment. That said, to create an enchanting gratitude card, you require to know the right ways. In addition, address labels or rubber stamps also play a vital role in case you are mailing the thank you cards to your loved ones. From a marbled paper card to a hand-sewn one, we have outlined all the necessary information so that you can come up with an attractive homemade thankyou card at ease. 

Things You Require to Make a Gratitude Card 

To make customized daily gratitude cards, you can simply use some supplies that you have at your home or grab the following supplies from any nearby craft or stationery stores:  

  • Plain or colored cardstock 
  • Plain and colored 8.5″x11″ computer paper 
  • 4″x6″ envelopes 
  • Double-sided tape 
  • Glue stick 
  • Heart punch 
  • Scissors or paper cutter 
  • Plastic bone folder 
  • Stickers or gems  
  • Ribbon  
  • Patterned stencil 
  • Washi tape 
  • Colored pens and pencils  
  • Colored paints 

Steps Involved in Crafting a DIY Gratitude Card 

Create a Border With Washi Tape 

You can use any washi tape of your choice, as there are a bunch of colors and patterns available in the market. Ensure to visit your nearby stationary store to get your hands on the best one. Start the process by cutting off long pieces to make a border over the length and width of the card. Cautiously even the sides of the card, press them down firmly, and cut off any excess washi tape.  

Get Collage Ideas From the Internet for an Attractive Design  

If you wish to make a personalized gratitude card, you can add their pictures to the card. The other way is to design the card according to the person’s personality by adding images that remind you. Remember, it could be anything from their favorite family moments to their most preferred items.  

Besides, you can design a thankyou centric card with cut-outs of the words “thank you” from various magazines, or you can also take the help of the Internet. Such gratitude cards are strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. They also lead to building great relationships. 

Cut Shapes to Decorate the Front Part 

You can include all the shapes of your preference, including hearts, stars, flowers, circles, or squares. Such shapes will help create a nice visual effect on the front of a card. You can also use plain or printed cardstock to cut out various images and then paste them to the front of the card. Try putting the bulk of them near the top so that it looks like it’s raining down stars. 

Use Watercolors and Paints to Add a Vivid Look 

It could be a great idea to print the individual’s name on top of an astonishing varicoloured background or opt for a dreamy skyscape with clouds, a sun, and birds. This is one of the great ways to utilize your skills and showcase a feeling of gratitude. Remember, the alternatives are countless.  

If you are planning to mail a card to someone, ensure the coloured card is entirely dry before putting it into an envelope.  

Customize the Person’s Name 

The last step includes labelling the name of the individual on the card. Try to label it on a straight line so that the card looks more attractive and neater at the same time. Once you are done with the labelling, you can either fill it up with colours or let experts customize the name labels.  

Try Classic Cards for Professionals  

In cases where you are sending gratitude cards to your boss or other professionals, ensure to opt for classic cards. Try to use simple designs with gold or silver markers to make your message a little more sparkly. Besides this, you can design the cards with homemade stamps made from cut pieces of fruits or vegetables. 

Wrap Up  

Crafting thankyou cards is a fun and exciting process and is often deemed the best way to show gratitude. You can design the card as per your choice while experimenting with colors and sketches to develop a phenomenon piece. You can also include layering paper as it is a great way to add visual depth. In addition, remember to add an inside message that must hold some kind of greeting or good wishes and the recipient’s name. Ensure to crosscheck the spelling of the person’s name correctly. Finally, sign your name to end the letter before handing it personally or posting it for delivery.  

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