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One Piece: Weirdest Story Arcs, Ranked 2022

One Piece filler list has some truly unusual story arcs that fans have generally expected, yet these are unmistakably, probably the most odd in the arrangement.


playfh is an anime that is known to be really abnormal. The universe is loaded up with peculiarities like a man stuck in a money box living alone on an island, a man who lets noodles out of his nose to make body covering, and a skeleton fixated on clothing.

Sooner or later, most fans may think they’ve seen everything, yet ceaselessly discovers approaches to take fans’ breath away. And keeping in mind that only one out of every odd story bend in the arrangement is just about as staggeringly unusual as others, these 10 arcs have sufficient irregularity to endure forever.

Little Garden Arc

The Little Garden Arc happens on an island that has in a real sense been forgotten by time. This island is loaded up with dinosaurs, abnormal creepy crawlies, and antiquated plants. However the most unusual thing about this bend is the way that two goliaths have been pursuing a duel for more than 100 years since it generally finishes with a tie! However these unshakable goliaths, who are extraordinary companions, decline to stop dueling until there is an unmistakable victor.

The Straw Hats at last getaway this island with the assistance of their new goliath companions, and cheerfully go on their way while tolerating that these monsters are simply going to continue to battle each other after they leave, and everyone assumes this isn’t just sensible yet in addition masculine.

Long Ring Long Land Arc

This circular segment is set on an island that at first seems like numerous islands assembled, yet it is really a long ring with an itinerant clan of people who travel between the different more modest islands when the tide is low. Everything on these islands is really long, including the trees, and in one of these trees, the Straw Hats discover a man who has been stuck there for a long time.

Subsequent to saving him, the circular segment gets much more unusual, as a huge gathering of privateers, called the Foxy Pirates, challenge the Straw Hats into a progression of games trying to take team individuals from the Straw Hats. These games get progressively more crazy as the Foxy Pirates discover each chance to swindle their approach to triumph.

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Zou Arc

Zou is an island that can’t be discovered except if you know where it is. This is on the grounds that it’s not actually an island by any means, it’s a woods loaded up with talking humanoid creatures becoming on the rear of a huge elephant who strolls around in the sea. The humanoid creatures on Zou have been demolished by Kaido’s privateer team since they thought some samurai from the Land of Wano were stowing away there.

Incidentally, the privateers were correct, however these fuzzy contenders wouldn’t let it out, even while their house was as a rule cruelly assaulted. Luffy’s group shows up during the consequence of the extreme battle and rapidly sets to aiding and mending individuals and they are remunerated with off-kilter snuggles and highly confidential data.

Dressrosa Arc

This island has living toys that meander around the city, little pixie like animals that take things from the island’s occupants, and ladies who are probably going to cut you because of their enthusiasm, yet everyone is by all accounts totally alright with the entirety of this.

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Frankie battles a man who is dressed like a child, Usopp beats a young lady attempting to execute him by making a truly abnormal face that startles her into dropping, and there’s a person who can unfasten himself and be worn like a coat, which awards him that people power, yet this is all completely typical to everyone included.

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