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Often, new parents are pondering about the hype of the Jellycat Singapore. Have you ever seen the soft, whimsical nature of these toys? Their silky furs and huggable body make them the best cuddle companion for kids of every age. What we adore about these toys is the incredible floppy nature that makes them the best pal for everyone, even adults. So, if your kid wants to hang out with someone during playtime, dive into chuckles all day long, or hug at nap time, the Jellycat toy is ready for all kinds of help. Jellycat toys come in a variety of prints, sizes, and colors that choosing the perfect one can be a daunting task. No gift set in Singapore is complete without adding the luxurious Jellycat plush. 

We hope that you are pretty much convinced that Jellycat toys do make the perfect friend for every little one. So, if you are wondering where you can shop for these splendid creatures then we have sorted out that too. Singapore is home to wonderful baby stores and nearly every one of them has the sumptuous Jellycat toys to offer to everyone. In this blog, we are going to discover the top 3 stores for Jellycat toys in Singapore. Let’s delve into a breathtaking world of sumptuous plushies!

Lovingly Signed:

As much as we are fond of the gorgeous baby gift collection at Lovingly Signed, the Jellycat Singapore at this store forever wins our hearts. At this baby gift store, you can get various plushies based on their colors and pretty themes. So, whether you are getting a Jellycat for your baby boy or baby girl, Lovingly Signed has got a luxurious soft toy for every baby’s personality. Moreover, you can personalize the baby’s name on the soft jumper of the toy to make it a perfect keepsake. A personalized Jellycat develops a sense of ownership of having someone of their own. Shop online at Lovingly Signed for some precious collection of Jellycat toys. 

Baby Central:

From children to adults, Jellycat plushies make a wonderful companion for all. Baby Central offers you with a range of Jellycat soft toys to choose from. Based on your desired colors and sizes, get the best one for yourself or your wee one. The plush toy paired with other wonderful items makes a beautiful gift set for a baby on any occasion. Baby Central Singapore features a wide range of Jellycat soft toys, available for next-day delivery to Singapore. No doubt, the store holds a wide catalog of toys so we assure you that you will find a perfect buddy for your little one. 

Hatchery Cribs:

Hatchery Cribs has paved its path as one of the biggest baby gift outlets in Singapore. This store is an all-in-one to grab newborn essentials and gifts for mommies. And what’s a gift store without the plump Jellycat plush? The store has an enchanting variety of Jellycat toys that you can add to your kid’s stuffed toy collection. These huggable partners can’t wait to become a part of your baby’s life and always stay by their side. Hatchery Cribs offers only quality products that are safe to use by children. Apart from other essentials, you can shop for accessories like convertible cribs, high chairs, and strollers from Hatchery Cribs.


Jellycat Singapore has a charm of its own. So, if you are short on time to visit a baby gift store, shop online at Lovingly Signed and get your favorite Jellycat toy delivered right to your doorstep. While preparing your gift hamper at this store, complete the set by adding the velvety soft Jellycat plush. Jump to their website and get your hands on their premium baby items and of course, the Jellycat toy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What kind of Jellycat toys are available at Lovingly Signed?

Lovingly Signed offers a variety of Jellycat animals in a range of colors, prints, and designs. The Jellycat Bashful Bunny is the most-loved toy at this store. Moreover, Lovingly Signed ensures to keep its stock updated with the new arrivals.

  1. Can I personalize Jellycat toys in Singapore?

Of course, you can! Jellycat toys can be personalized at Lovingly Signed. Here, you can pick a thread color of your choice, put in your baby’s name, and a memorable keepsake is ready to be cherished.

  1. Can I return or exchange Jellycat toys?

Returns and exchanges vary. However, if a Jellycat toy has been personalized, then returns and exchanges are not possible. 

  1. Can I avail gift wrapping services for Jellycat toys?

Absolutely! You can avail gift wrapping services for Jellycat toys at Lovingly Signed. They beautifully pack your gift in a luxurious packaging, making it aesthetically beautiful from the outside as well.

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