Best Outfits for Men in 2022
Best Outfits for Men in 2022

The 10 Best Outfits for Men in 2022

The typical outfit of a man in 2022 will be very different from what it is today. Clothes will be lighter, more fashionable, and more versatile. You may think that your classic jeans and shirt combo can’t change, but you’ll see just how much the world of men’s fashion has changed when you look at these 10 outfits for men in 2022. If you want to look good now, then read on to learn about the 10 best outfits for men in 2022!

A crisp button down and chinos

A pair of chinos is a must have piece of every man’s wardrobe. They will take you from work to weekend with minimal effort and continue to look great through almost any season. Pairing a solid colored or patterned chino with a plain white button down (or any color really) is an easy, but classic, look that has worked well since it was first invented in 1922. With few exceptions, most men can pull off these two items together successfully. It’s been tested and found true, just like our best outfits for men tend to be—you can usually count on them working out.

A biker jacket with a scarf and sneakers

You might be tempted to see biker jacket and think of your dad or grandpa. But here’s why it’ll work: biker jackets are going to make a comeback, but they’re not going to resemble jackets your grandfather wore. There will be accents that make them look more tailored than basic leather motorcycle gear, which will also give them a little more edge. Think patterns, like tartan plaids; colored leathers; and even unusual patches . Additionally, scarves on men’s clothes used to be reserved for rich old geezers (looking at you, Hugh Hefner), but that’s far from true anymore—especially when scarves are styled with denim instead of suits.

A suit and tie with sneakers

Inspired by sportsmen, a suit and tie with sneakers is one of most preferred outfits by men in 2022. The dress shoes are made of plastic making them more durable and flexible. Men’s fashion changes drastically every ten years, especially regarding footwear. In addition to comfort, these formal shoes make you appear confident and fashionable.

A bomber jacket with combat boots

Combat boots are still a staple, but they’re no longer paired with black jeans. In 2022, combat boots will be replaced by newfangled athletic shoes that offer similar traction—but not nearly as much style. Pair these with a bomber jacket and dark green pants to create a fashionable outfit for men.

A cardigan sweater with jeans

Cardigan sweaters are making a comeback. While they were once considered strictly dad territory, cardigans have now become a staple men’s clothing item and can be used as part of an outfit that works just as well in 2022 as it does today. When paired with jeans, a cardigan sweater is a great way to make sure you stay stylish, no matter what year it is. It will keep you warm when things start getting chilly outside, but won’t feel too hot during milder weather. Plus, when you throw on some brown shoes and some khaki pants, you have yourself an outfit that looks great—no matter where you are or what time period you’re living in.

An all-black outfit

While men’s fashion often gets a bad reputation for being excessive, you don’t have to be a rapper or James Bond to pull off all-black outfits. A slim black suit and fitted shirt are versatile, sophisticated staples that can be worn at work or out on the town. For something a little more casual, pair your all-black outfit with smart sneakers or black boots. No matter what you choose, make sure your accessories don’t compete with your clothing—and watch out for anything shiny!

A classic blue blazer with khakis

Maybe it’s just my bias coming out, but blue blazers will never be truly out of style. Even if they start to fade into obscurity, they’ll always make a good backup option because you can easily dress them up or down. For a classic formal with a twist look, try pairing your blue blazer with khakis and sneakers. When considering how to use a blazer, remember that tailoring is key—and it doesn’t have to mean wearing it buttoned up all day long. Unbuttoning just one or two buttons lets you add some visual interest without overdoing it on formality.

Superhero costume (with the entire suit)

Whether you’re saving lives or battling monsters, a good superhero needs a great outfit. But there’s so much more to costumes than merely looking cool: They can make it easier to do your job, as seen with Iron Man’s suit of armor and Captain America’s vibranium shield.

Jeans, tshirt, blazer combo

The men’s clothes revolution has taken most of us by surprise. We’re still figuring out how to feel about things like men wearing makeup, men who have shaved their head or, God forbid, grown a beard. A decade ago, such things were strictly women’s territory. Now it seems that anything goes, and one thing’s for sure: all bets are off where style is concerned. So what will guys be wearing ten years from now? Who knows! But whatever it is they’ll probably be wearing lots of black…and some kind of blazer/jacket combo. Why? Because—at least until our fashion industry figures out something new—that’s what most people wear to look good these days and we expect that trend to continue at least through 2022.

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