The Best Stores For Online Plant Purchasing
The Best Stores For Online Plant Purchasing

The Best Stores For Online Plant Purchasing

Purchasing plants online is easy to do if you know where to go. There are many sites out there like Heckenpflanzen that can help you find the perfect plant for your home or office. But which are the best? Here is a list of some of the top sites that will provide you with the plants you need.


Whether you are looking for houseplants to enhance your home or you want to buy a unique gift for your plant-loving friend, Etsy is one of the best places to shop for plants online. It is an open marketplace, which means that anyone can set up their own store. The site offers an easy-to-use search function and a clean forum for asking questions.

Unlike other sites that allow you to list all your products in the same place, Etsy separates your store by product. This makes it easier to find the right product for you. You can also use tags to attract more buyers.


Whether you are shopping for plants for indoors or outdoors, Amazon is one of the best places to buy. They carry a wide variety of houseplants, shrubs and flowers. If you’re a member of their Prime service, you can get free delivery. They also offer a garden shop.

Many online plant retailers allow you to filter your search by size, price, sun or watering requirements. Others have online chat options.

Some websites offer a selection of succulents. Generally, these plants are inexpensive and can be purchased as singles or in a bundle. Most of them are under $50.

Nature Hills

Choosing a reputable online plant retailer can help ensure your plants arrive in perfect shape. Nature Hills, in particular, has a large selection of indoor and outdoor plants. They have a large variety of bulbs, trees, shrubs, and perennials. The site also has a few varieties that are specifically designed for easy care.

The site features a lookbook that allows shoppers to get inspiration for styling new purchases. They also offer a 14-day refund policy for damaged plants. They have a huge selection of hanging baskets and kitchen herbs. They also provide free shipping for orders over $100.

House Plant Shop

Buying plants online is a great way to get an array of plant varieties at affordable prices. However, you’ll need to know where to look for the best selection. While you can find a lot of options at retailers like Amazon, you may also want to consider some of the other big names in plant delivery.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of houseplants, then you might want to try the House Plant Shop. This online retailer ships plants in eco-friendly packaging and provides detailed care instructions.

The 8 Best Places to Buy Plants Online for 2022 - CNET

Hirt’s Gardens

Founded in 1915, Hirt’s Gardens is a houseplant and gardening store based in Granger Township, Ohio. They offer a wide variety of plants, including trees, shrubs, herbs, seeds, fruit plants, and vegetables. They also offer a monthly subscription box of houseplants. They also have a large selection of outdoor plants and bulbs. They ship directly from their greenhouses to your home.

Their prices are reasonable. Most plants are priced under $20. They also carry unique tropicals and cool houseplants. They occasionally run out of stock, so be sure to sign up for restock notifications.

Greenery NYC

Buying plants online can be an easy way to add color and life to your home. Houseplants are known for their health benefits, including increased energy levels, decreased stress, and purifying the air. However, it’s important to choose the right kind of plant for your environment.

New York City has a wide variety of specialty stores for buying plants. These shops provide all the information you need to keep your plants healthy. Some stores offer workshops and in-person assistance. They can also help with repotting larger plants.

Another great way to save money is by shopping on Facebook marketplace. Many retailers offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount. It’s also a good idea to check out products with positive reviews.


Whether you want to grow your own plants or purchase them, there are many options to choose from. The key to finding the best store for your plant needs is to check out reviews and read up on the return policy.

Logee’s Tropical Container Plants for Home and Garden is an online plant store based in Danielson, Connecticut. They specialize in exotic plants. They offer many types of houseplants, including orchids and fruit trees. They also offer classes on how to care for them.

Unlike other stores, Logee’s has an actual greenhouse. This means that they can offer plants in great shape. They have a wide selection of plants, including some rare varieties. Their prices are competitive with other online plant stores. However, they have a shorter plant warranty than most.

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