what types of zorb
what types of zorb

Why zorb ball is invented and what types of zorb?

Zorbing is an extremely adventurous sport in which participants roll inside a zorb ball. It is usually practiced on a slope or a leveled surface. The events can be conducted on ramps, made of wood or metal. Zorbing is popular in theme parks where it is carried out on a water surface. The participants fit themselves inside a sealed orb and then start zorbing. Two kinds of the orb are generally used in the events, either a harnessed orb or a non-harnessed one. The inbuilt capacity of the harnessed orbs is smaller than the non-harnessed one which can carry three to four riders at one time. However, the harnessed one can only carry one or two riders at a time. The zorbing ball is made from two separate transparent flexible plastic layers that are connected by a hundred pieces of ropes, facilitating proper turning and rolling of the ball. The size of the zorbs is bigger than the beach ball, and can easily be rolled downwards on a grassy or inclined surface with a rider zipped inside.


The prime aim of the sport is to be an adventurous and recreational activity in which any person of any age can participate. The participants are zippered inside an inflatable bubble or a zorb ball. The zorb ball can be placed on a hill and allowed to roll downwards. The participants try to contrive themselves inside the bubble to reach the finish line as fast as possible.

Hydro Zorbing

It is also known as Water Zorbing, in which the participants sail in an unharnessed manner inside the zorb. The participants sail down a hill of approximately 300 meters with 10 gallons of water.

Harness Zorbing

Here, the participants are placed in a zorbing ball and have to ride down to the bottom from a high hill at a higher speed. This is the dry version of water zorbing.

Water Bubble Zorbing

In the water bubble zorbing, the participants are fit inside a zorb ball and try to cover the distance up to the finish line on a water surface.

Zorb Football

It is a team sport in which the players are stacked inside a zorb ball, covering up the upper half of the body. The players have to place the football into the goalposts of their opponent’s team. It is also known as Bubble Bump Football or Bubble Football.

Although tumbling down a hill seems like it might churn your stomach, zorbing, like skydiving, doesn’t affect the digestive system. Even becoming dizzy or lightheaded after the ride is rare. This adventure activity doesn’t require a lot of prep work or skills, but it’s different enough from an everyday experience to get the adrenaline pumping. The globes are generally made from transparent soft plastic and thus, deliver a marvelous experience. If you want to buy it then Kameymall is the best place where you can buy it and get effective results. Order it today.

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