2 Best Manufacturers of Sleeper Trucks Today

There’s no doubt about it. Sleeper trucks are explicitly designed with clear intentions of ingenuity and hard work. It does the job effectively, like hauling the goods, going through miles and weeks on the road, and truck drivers have the ample space and comfort to get recharged when they need it.

Some people who do not understand the profession would often assume sleeper trucks are entirely unnecessary and are a mere luxury. They do not fully comprehend that it is, in fact, a necessity. The built framework of these sleeper trucks ensures meeting all the intended policies as a trucker travels. And attain peace, quiet, convenience, and security when it’s time to rest.

Suppose you haven’t found the right sleeper truck for you or cannot choose yet. There’s something you should know. And you can find the two best manufacturers of sleeper trucks below.

What are sleeper trucks?

These are also referred to as sleeper tractors. The design is, in truth, a semi-truck that has a built-in sleeping area or quarters. The purpose of the semis is primarily hauling trailers over long distances. The sleeping quarters deliver a comfortable spot for the driver to rest undisturbed and at ease.

The sleeper trucks’ front cabin accommodates both the driver and the passenger. In contrast, the place is meant to be their living quarters. Are you wondering how much space and amenities a truck driver and their passengers can get and use? That would heavily depend on the sleeper truck they’d choose.

There are sleeper trucks that offer a space that’s only enough for sleeping. Nonetheless, some have unbelievable features that would be at par with RVs.


Peterbilt has been manufacturing heavy vehicles since the late 1930s. The main inspiration initially started when Theodore Alfred Peterman eagerly wanted to advance his lumber business as he provided plywood production. The idea motivated him to purchase Fageol Motors. He then left the logging industry and focused on Peterbilt.

Peterbilt continues its exploration and commitment to supplying the best sleeper truck in the industry. The company has stayed among the most unbeatable and trusted for many years. It is because of their trucks’ build and features.

The trucks vary extensively in size and length; it goes the same for the built-in sleeper. The amenities are mind-blowing, such as access to audio controls, power for electricity, storage, cabinets, TV, and more. It is an acquisition you will never regret.


Kenworth’s sleeper trucks do not hold back with their design and efficiency. From its establishment in the industry in the early 1920s, it has conquered the sleeper cab market.

The sleeper cab selections from Kenworth are never modest. Most of it boasts of better functionality and superb performance. The options are wide-ranging, so any truck driver will not have a hard time choosing the Kenworth sleeper truck that best fits their needs.

For instance, it has an excellent sleeping cab built with PACCAR’s engine. The features are not only stylish at first glance but are durable. All of Kenworth’s sleeper trucks are worth every penny.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and still cannot choose from these two best manufacturers? Don’t worry too much. Take your time browsing, researching, and comparing some semi-truck sleepers here.

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