Social anxiety disorder is a common mental condition that the general population and even some of the doctors at the best psychiatric hospital in Dubai don’t fully understand. In social and operational settings, people with SAD experience persistent and strong anxiety about being judged and judged by others. Despite the fact that they are aware that their fear is unfounded, they seem unable to correct or avoid the symptoms of social anxiety disorder.

Following are some important things you should know about Social Anxiety Disorder:

1. More than being shy

At a certain point, we all get nervous at times when we’re in public, but social anxiety is even more frustrating when you’re asked to speak in front of a crowd. 

Social anxiety disorder is a strong fear of being judged by others or feeling embarrassed in public, in situations like meeting someone new or attending an event. This fear is so widespread that it can affect studying, working, and other activities of daily living. Whether you have symptoms of social anxiety or know someone who has it, keep these facts about this often misunderstood condition in mind.

2. The symptoms of social anxiety can be misunderstood.

While people with social anxiety often want to make friends and go out socially, their extreme, uncontrollable fear can get in the way. Outwardly, they may appear shy and calm, inhibited, anxious, aloof or disinterested. They may also look very upset – blushing or shaking, sweating, and having trouble making eye contact. Because others may be unaware of the disorder, these symptoms can be negatively misinterpreted, causing further isolation for the person with social anxiety. No matter if nobody understands you, visit anxiety disorder treatment center in Abu Dhabi.

3. Social anxiety is about more than public speaking.

While anybody receives anxious while they`re the middle of attention, human beings with social tension ailment will have problem with common, regular situations. Meeting new human beings, making new friends, speaking up in a meeting, the use of a public restroom, even speaking on the phone: All of those can reason crippling worry for a person with social tension or social anxiety.

4. Social anxiety causes physical symptoms.

People often think of any type of anxiety, including social anxiety, as just an emotional or mental state. But in a difficult social situation, people with social anxiety may feel hot and panicky, or their heart may skip a beat. Their throat may feel dry and their muscles may twitch. They may even feel nauseous. If you have social anxiety, talk with your doctor about learning palliative techniques that can help manage these symptoms when they arise.

5. It Is Treatable

There’s hope, and you don’t have to “learn to live with it” if social anxiety keeps you from working or leaving home, or if you have a specific phobia that keeps you from achieving your goals, such as fear of public speaking. ACPN is the Psychiatry and Neurology Clinic in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that can help you cope up with social anxiety. Our experts can help you manage your Social anxiety disorder symptoms.

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