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5 Tips for Hiring Good Security Guards

If you hire security guards to protect your business and staff, follow these guidelines to ensure you get the service you paid for. I will admit that getting this quality may cost you more money, but if you force the contracted security company to work at a lower price, they may deliver poorer-quality guards in some cases, but more significantly, if they accept your low pricing, it suggests they are saving money somewhere else. Due to weak occupational health and safety procedures, these security organizations will have fewer quality controls and a higher number of safety risks.

Good Observation

The primary responsibility of a security guard is to detect security issues and safety concerns before they become a problem for your company. Observation skills are not taught in most security training courses. These training organizations argue that because people have eyes and have used them their entire lives, they already know how to observe. Completely incorrect. That’s like claiming we can be food critics and critique a chef’s product because we’ve been eating food our entire lives.  Give them a picture of two people and tell them to look at it for five seconds. Then ask them to give you a description of the individual you’ve asked for. They’ll have to double-check everything. You don’t want security guards who can’t even identify a person who has been photographed. They will make blunders in an actual event because of the darkness and adrenaline.

Communication Skills

All the businesses desire security guards that are fluent in English so that their customers can follow directions and instructions without difficulty. Their ability to communicate effectively is also required to amicably resolve issues. Pretend to be a disgruntled customer and put the security officer to the test in terms of verbal conflict resolution. Pay attention to what they say. Keep an eye on the interviewer’s level of verbal ability. They will struggle during security events if they have weak verbal abilities and comprehension. Don’t use them if you have to ask them to repeat themselves so you comprehend what they’re saying.

Protection against criminal behavior

Every security business and contract client agrees that the capacity to discourage crime is the most crucial factor in hiring security guards, and they do not want guards to arrest or use appropriate action to control unpleasant behavior. No security training is provided to new guards to teach them how to deter criminal behavior.


You, as the client, assume that the security firm has thoroughly evaluated or verified the security guards’ abilities. Most companies don’t conduct any kind of performance evaluations, and those that don’t look at genuine security skills; instead, they evaluate guards based on how many shifts they work. Just because some security guards have worked in the profession for a long time doesn’t imply they know how to keep your business safe.

Previous Performance Evaluation

Inquire about the last time they received a performance evaluation and what questions the security manager asked them. How did they fare in terms of performance? Inquire about their employment history with the security firm.  Inquire about their plans to keep criminals away from your establishment. Is it something they’ve considered, or are they depending only on their body?

In Short,

Before the security firm assigns them to defend you, do interviews with all of your security personnel. Conduct the tests and questions listed above during the interview, but also ask the guard to tell you about an assault he had to deal with and listen to how he dealt with it. Give the guard a written test that includes security questions and information that a level 2/3 guard should know. It’s critical to check the people you hire. Conduct personal interviews and conduct background checks. Know where your security guards and security personnel come from; if feasible, find out about their former positions. As a business owner, it is, of course, your obligation. Knowing who you work with. R Group Security provides the best security patrol, equipped with fast vehicles and the most up-to-date navigation system.

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