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The top items, components, and accessories for your brand-new Tesla Model Y are discussed in this post. Eight of the greatest things that I hand-selected after extensive study are what I believe to be your best options for accessorising and upgrading your new Model Y. If you already own a Tesla, you may purchase these items whenever you want to improve your Tesla experience. If you just placed an order for a new Model Y, you can start making plans for these items right now so that you have them ready when your new vehicle is delivered.

You may purchase many aftermarket items to enhance or customize your brand-new Tesla Model Y. There are add-ons that will give your Model Y a customized look, and there are aftermarket components that can improve the performance of your Model Y. Both the inside and exterior have been upgraded. You may also hire services to improve the appearance and performance of your new Tesla.

This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list of all Tesla Model Y components and accessories; rather, it’s a selection of my best picks if you want to make your new Tesla even more amazing and fun to own and drive.

1. Accessories for Tesla Model Y charging

While charging your Tesla is not glamorous, it is still necessary, so you should start planning for it when you get your new Model Y.

If you want to charge your vehicle at home, which is strongly advised, you may want a few extras to make the process a little smoother and more organised. To keep your charging cord organised, WiseTech3D offers a set of 3D-printed pieces that you can attach to the wall of your garage or carport. The charging cable may be neatly coiled up and hung to keep it off the ground while the other portion retains the charging cable’s end and supports the charging devices in one piece. 

In case you need to charge somewhere less-than-convenient, you may want to include some charging adapters and an extension cable if you want to take your vehicle on road excursions (which is also strongly advised). Depending on the sort of electrical outlets you may have, we provides a variety of solutions, such as extension cables and different adapters. In an emergency, having this attachment is useful, but ideally you won’t need it.

2. Jack Pads for the Model Y by Tesla

Tesla advises utilising a heavy duty floor jack or qualified hoist to raise your Model Y at four specific lift locations beneath the car while doing maintenance or repairs. If you don’t elevate the automobile utilising these four lift points, the battery pack below the vehicle may suffer costly damage.

It may be difficult at times to line up a floor jack with these defined lift points, and if you are not correctly aligned before raising the automobile, it might fall off the jack and cause catastrophic harm or damage. When put into the correct lift points, jack pads can make it more simpler and safer to elevate your Tesla Model Y anytime you need to do maintenance and repairs underneath the car, remove a wheel, or rotate the tyres.

A 4-piece set of LIFT-OFF Jack Pads from Tesla Market comes with a handy drawstring storage bag, making it simple to transport and store the jack pads in your trunk or frunk. You may give the pouch to anybody you hire to work on your Model Y and instruct them to always use the jack pads while lifting the vehicle. If you don’t have a set of them, stay on the ground.

3. Tesla Model Y floor mats and cargo mats

The Tesla Model Y comes with carpet floor mats for the passengers, however they are difficult to keep clean, rapidly get filthy, and aren’t very effective at keeping water, snow, and other spills from getting into the vehicle. To keep the inside of their Model Y clean and dry, many brand-new Tesla owners choose all-weather floor mats and cargo mats.

Tesla Shields offers a wonderful selection of all-weather front and rear passenger floor mats, as well as matching mats for your Model Y’s trunk and cargo compartment, if you’re concerned about maintaining the inside of your vehicle. They have a beautiful texture, are moulded to suit the car’s floor contours, have tall edges to catch rain, snow, and other spills, and are simple to take off and clean. A Big Gulp was spilt on the floor by a passenger. Although it isn’t an issue, you may nonetheless behave as if it is.

4. Tesla Model Y Trunk and Frunk Organisers

Do you like keeping clutter in your trunk? Keep things from getting out of control. You don’t need to let loose objects like cleaning supplies, towels, tools, extraterrestrial artefacts, and other things slide about in your trunk or trunk lid.

Your Model Y’s back trunk may be kept under control at all times with the aid of a fantastic organiser offered by us. We also provide smaller sections for classifying and arranging all the essential items you must transport. This organiser may be placed in the main trunk compartment or lowered into the sub-trunk compartment to create space for other, bigger items.

A front trunk organiser made of moulded plastic is available from Tesmanian and would suit any model year Tesla Model Y. It contains sections for storing items separately and upright.

5. Tesla Model Y Centre Console Organiser Tray

A lot of storage is available in the centre console of a Tesla Model Y, but it is essentially just a huge cavern into which you can chuck things.

A very nice Sliding Centre Console Tray that slides out of the way to reveal a deeper cavern below for larger items is available from Abstract Ocean if you’d like to keep your smaller items in the centre console a little more organised (change for parking metres, small tools, hand sanitizer, Scooby snacks, etc.). It makes sense to buy this item.

6. Cosmetic Vinyl Tesla Model Y Carbon Fibre and Colour Accents

Applying vinyl “skins” to different areas of your new Model Y will give it a distinctive look that is simple and affordable. Would you want your centre console’s colour to be changed? Purchase an adhesive vinyl skin to quickly alter the colour or texture. Would you want to swiftly add carbon fibre accents to your centre console, door handles, or dashboard? The solution is a skin made of carbon fibre.

For years, we had offered high-quality Tesla skins made of adhesive vinyl, and their website is filled with a tonne of really thorough how-to videos that go through every stage of the do-it-yourself installation procedure.

7. Tesla Model Y Mud Flaps

Your new Model Y is likely to grow filthy rapidly and begin gathering microscopic stone chips behind the wheels if you often drive on unpaved roads, reside in an area with a lot of sand, stone, snow, or road construction, or if you frequently travel these types of conditions. As a result, many new Tesla owners who reside in locations like these add mud flaps to assist safeguard and maintain the vehicle’s body.

We offers a pair of tough plastic mud flaps that are easy to install for almost anybody with a few basic tools. The kit includes all the hardware you’ll need to install your Model Y’s four mud flaps.

8. Tesla Model Y Custom Wheels

Are the factory-provided Tesla wheel alternatives to your dissatisfaction? Want to make your vehicle stand out from the competition while also improving how it rides and performs?

  • You have the option to greatly improve the performance and aesthetics of your Tesla Model Y with Tesla Market. No other aftermarket wheels can match the unique and upscale look that these completely forged lightweight aluminium wheels provide your automobile. Beautifully designed wheels are what a Tesla deserves to roll on.
  • Fully-Forged Model Y Wheels (Tesla Market)
  • Bonus Accessories Advice for Your New Tesla Model Y

Here are some more suggestions for accessorising your Model Y for the best results:

Don’t Delay: As soon as you have made your purchase for your new Model Y, begin organising and buying your accessories. Some accessories must be ordered in advance and delivered since they are not always readily accessible. When you get your new automobile, you should have your accessories ready to go so you can install them straight away.

Plan Your Charging Strategy: Before receiving your new Model Y, educate yourself about your choices and plan how you will charge it if you haven’t already. You’ll want to have it finished before your new vehicle is delivered if you need to buy charging accessories or equipment, or if you need to hire an electrician to establish charging circuits at your house.

Learn More: A lot of Tesla Model Y accessory vendors provide thorough instructions and instructional videos for installing and using their goods. Use the time you have while you’re waiting for your new vehicle to come to educate yourself on the items so that you’re prepared when your new Model Y is delivered.


The top goods that I suggest for a new Tesla Model Y owner are covered in this post, despite the fact that there are hundreds of various aftermarket components and accessories accessible to customise your new Model Y. Here is a brief list of my top suggestions if you want to make your new Tesla even more amazing and fun to own and drive. I studied and personally selected these things that I believe are the greatest options for upgrading and accessorising your new Model Y. I’m hoping you’ll try a few of these items and be able to personalise your new Model Y to give it more character.


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