Grow Your Salon Business

Salon businesses were badly hit by the pandemic but now things are starting to get better. As things go back to normal it would be the best time to start thinking about how to increase your sales and scale your business. So, the first thing you need to do is touch base with your existing customers. You can also market your services to new people using social media marketing or search engine optimization. New services or special discounts can also work well to bring in more customers. Keep reading to learn more about ways to increase your salon sales. 

#1: Introduce at Home Services 

The pandemic isn’t entirely over and many people prefer getting salon services at home in a safe environment. They can feel more comfortable and relaxed. So, you might be able to attract more customers who are searching for ‘salon services at home near me‘. Introducing at-home services can make your business a lot more attractive in current times. 

#2: Touch Base With Old Clients 

There may be old customers that haven’t shown up in a while. It is a great idea to hit them up via text message or email and check in. Touching base might jot their memory and they may pay you a visit. Otherwise, they might share a reason why they have stopped getting your services. It could be because of a bad experience with the salon. In this case, you can offer them a discount and address their grievances. So, you may get back an old client and also improve any fault in your services. It is a win-win situation in all cases. 

#3: Introduce New Services 

Fashion trends like hair, nails and makeup are always changing. Similarly, new techniques and procedures also keep popping up. So, you can’t expand your salon business with the same services you were offering five years ago. You should do some research on the latest trends like the red-carpet facial, hydra facial, laser treatments, or new trendy haircuts. The more up-to-date you are with the changing trends, the better chances you have of increasing sales. 

#4: Offer Loyalty Rewards 

A loyalty reward points scheme can be a great way to increase repeat customers. You can offer a certain number of points against each service that clients take up. These reward points can be redeemable for other services later. Similarly, another model could be to offer free service tokens. You can offer clients one free facial after every three. It can increase your sales as all customers love free salon services. Moreover, they might even be tempted to try new treatments and services to gain more reward points. 

#5: Run Special Promotions 

Most people tend to get salon services around a specific event or the holidays. So, you can offer special promotions and discounts around that time. For example, you can give out a discount on couples massage around Valentine’s Day. Or if a bride books her services with you, you may give special discounts to the bride’s maids. Customers love to get something extra and it can have a lasting positive impact on them. 

#6: Improve Customer Service 

It is important for the salon industry to have remarkable customer service at all times. You need to work extra hard on improving the customer’s experience. Because most people come to salons to have a nice time, relax, and pamper themselves. So, any mishap can completely put them off of your salon for good. Moreover, even one bad review can ruin your reputation with other potential customers. 

You should train your employees in sensitivity and polite manners. They should interact with clients in a way that puts them at ease. Clients will keep coming back if they always have a great experience with your salon.  

#7: Train Employees for Upselling 

When a client walks into your store their mind is made up for what they want to get. However, you can convince them to get a few more services by upselling them. Your employees should be trained well to do this. For instance, if a client comes in for a haircut your employees can suggest a hair dye or blow-dry with it. This can make a lot of difference as most customers might be willing to take that extra service as well.  

#8: Stock Retail Products 

Many salons also sell retail products and other merchandise from their store. You can stock up on good shampoos, hair oils, makeup, or other beauty products. It is important to build an attractive setup for your products so every client sees them when they walk in. Not only is this convenient but clients can also stock up on rare finds or imported products.  

 Successful business owners are always looking for new ways to keep their clients happy. Because the services industry is all about customer care and giving your clients the best experience!

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