Acrylic Console Tables

Acrylic Console Tables: How to Care for These Beautiful Furniture Pieces

Acrylic furniture pieces are gradually becoming popular again amongst homeowners. These pieces provide a modern feel to your bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Wherever you have acrylic furniture, it stands out no matter what. 

If you like console tables, you might want to consider purchasing one made from acrylic. In this article, you’ll learn how you can properly care for your console tables to ensure they last longer. But first, we’ll look into console tables and their usefulness.

What are Console Tables?

A console table is similar in size to a standard table or desk in terms of width, depth, and height. Console tables are often positioned against a wall, but they’re termed “sofa tables” when they’re put against the back of a couch. You’ve likely come across these beautiful furniture items and even admired them. Consoles aren’t standout pieces of furniture, but they’re super useful in the home. 

Acrylic Console Tables

An acrylic console table, as the name suggests, is a console made with acrylic material. The acrylic material is often used in the furniture industry, but what exactly is acrylic?

Acrylic (also called lucite or perspex) is a strong, rigid, and transparent plastic with excellent strength and stiffness. Lucite outperforms several other transparent polymers when it comes to weathering.

When applied for furniture making, acrylics can produce beautiful and equally durable pieces that can fit any use at home. At first glance, lucite furniture looks like it’s made of glass, but in fact, this material is far denser and less brittle than glass.

With acrylic, you can achieve an even more beautiful piece of furniture in the form of a console table. A lucite console will fit perfectly into your home while serving its purposes, which we’ll list below.

What Purposes Can Your Acrylic Console Tables Serve?

Console tables are useful for storing items and objects, especially when you want them in your sight for easy retrieval later.

Console tables can serve as the following: 

  • Sofa Tables

You can use an acrylic console as a clear sofa table; put it beside your couch so you can drop and easily retrieve items like remote controls, glasses, and even drinks.

  • Hallway Table

A narrow acrylic console table can serve as an item drop table in your hallways. These tables will serve excellently, even in a less spacious hallway.

  • Office Desk

An acrylic console table can also be used as an office desk, especially when it has a drawer where you can store small office equipment like pens, notes, staplers, etcetera.

  • Decoration Stand

For use as a decoration stand, you’ll need an acrylic console table with a shelf, to hold your photo frames, flowers, and other decorative pieces. The beautiful nature of lucite consoles will further amplify the beauty of the decorations.

Acrylic consoles can be used for several other purposes in the home. So, if you’re looking to purchase lucite furniture pieces, you should visit to buy a cheap acrylic console table.

How to Care for Your Acrylic Console Tables

Since your acrylic furniture pieces are crystal clear and gleaming, you’ll want to make sure they stay that way. Here are some helpful tips on preserving lucite consoles in good condition.

  1. Keep Your Furniture Away From Chemicals Like Ammonia

Although acrylics are durable, they’re susceptible to chemicals. You can safely say ammonia is the number one enemy of acrylics. When chemical substances come into contact with your acrylic console table’s surface, it’s likely there’ll be a reaction that’ll cause a phenomenon called crazing.

Several detergents contain chemicals that can affect acrylic surfaces. So you should avoid using chemicals when you’re cleaning your table.

2. Cover-Up to Keep Dust Away

When you’re not planning on using your lucite acrylic console table for a while, you should cover it up with a soft fabric sheet. Covering up prevents dust and dirt from reaching your acrylic surfaces because dirt can cause discoloration after spending a long time on your table’s surface. 

3. Be Gentle When Cleaning

Acrylic surfaces are delicate and scratch easily, especially when you use abrasive surfaces on them. So, it’s unhealthy to wipe the surfaces of your clear console tables with a roughly textured piece of rag. Thus, use a soft piece of cotton cloth for cleaning duties.

How to Clean Your Lucite Console Table

Cleaning is a vital part of maintaining your furniture. Considering how delicate acrylic surfaces are sometimes, we recommend following the guidelines when cleaning your acrylic console table:

  • Soap and Water

As aforementioned, detergents contain harsh chemicals that can harm your lucite furniture. However, most soaps don’t comprise these harmful chemicals, so you should be on the lookout, especially for liquid cleaning agents that are safe for your tables. 

Use these few tips when cleaning your console tables with soap and water:

1. Pour some liquid soap into a bowl of water (warm or lukewarm water is advisable) and dip a cotton cloth in the solution. Then bring out the wet rag and wring out the excess water before gently using it to clean your console table’s surface

2. Get another bowl containing clean water. Dip a fresh cloth inside the water, and after wringing out the liquid, gently wipe off the soap suds

3. Alternatively, you can pour the water over the surface of your table if you’re working outside. Then wipe the water with a dry cloth

4. Place the damp furniture in a warm, dry, and airy location while you wait for a few hours or minutes for the water to drain completely before reassembling the furniture

  • Acrylic Cleaners

You can also use acrylic cleaners to keep your lucite consoles sparkling. If possible, get your hands on one of these cleaners or a cleaning agent specially made for all types of plastic.

Before cleaning with a cleaner, make sure to remove any dirt particles. Grab a cotton cloth (a microfiber cloth is also suitable for this role), then apply some cleaning solution to the piece of rag and clean your acrylic furniture surface in circular motions.

  • Use a Feather Duster

Feather dusters are suitable for taking care of dusty acrylic surfaces. These dusters are soft and harmless to your lucite surfaces, so you should purchase one for use whenever your clear console tables get a little dusty.


Clear console tables are useful not just for holding items, they’re also beautiful and decorative. However, you might want to be careful when handling furniture made with acrylic material because, although they’re durable, they can scratch easily; When that happens, your clear console tables lose their beauty.

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