An incredible 360-degree hinge, an Intel Core I5 processor, and more are featured on the Google Pixelbook 12" laptop.
An incredible 360-degree hinge, an Intel Core I5 processor, and more are featured on the Google Pixelbook 12" laptop.

An incredible 360-degree hinge, an Intel Core I5 processor, and more are featured on the Google Pixelbook 12″ laptop.

Have you heard about Google’s cutting-edge technology, the 12 inch Pixelbook? The days of only using desktop computers for intensive computing tasks are long gone. People that need to use computers on the go could find laptops to be the best option. You Can Find A Variety Of Laptops On The Market As A Result.

Google Pixelbook was introduced to the world at the Google event in October 2017. It is a high-end laptop that is a direct competitor of Apple’s Macbook Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Book. The Pixelbook is designed by Google and manufactured by Google, Google Pixelbook is a premium and powerful laptop.

They Possess A Number Of Interesting Qualities. However, modern laptop computers are capable of delivering performance. This is as a result of their versatility in design. Despite this, the feature-rich laptops were big and heavy. Not Now, however! Users can now get the best thin and light task management laptops. The Google Pixelbook 12in. is included in this category.

Google has announced the Pixelbook, a laptop that offers an incredible 360-degree hinge, an Intel Core I5 processor, and more, for $999. The Pixelbook has a beautiful silver aluminum design and a very thin form factor.
This blog will cover the Pixelbook’s specifications, the features that make the laptop so special and what’s so great about these features.

The most recent and exciting laptop produced by Google is the 12″ Pixelbook. It includes an incredible 360-degree hinge, a sizable touchscreen display, and an Intel Core I5 processor. For a detailed analysis of the Pixelbook 12in’s features and how it stacks up against other high-end laptops in its price range, keep reading if you’re thinking about purchasing this computer.

About Google Pixelbook 12 In?

Anyone who has been following the tech news in recent months should not be surprised that Google has released the latest version of its Pixelbook 12in laptop, which offers several amazing features. This High-End Computer Features An Intel Core I5 Processor, A 360-Degree Hinge, And A 12″ Touchscreen Display. A 128GB solid state drive and 8GB of RAM are also included (SSD). You may use the device in four different ways thanks to the 360-degree hinge: as a laptop, tablet, stand, or tent.

An impressive desktop computer is the Google Pixelbook 12. A Chromebook, the Pixelbook 12″ is. You also get a built-in Chromium-based assistant that can respond to your inquiries, assist you in managing your schedule, and more. The Google Pixelbook 12in’s Two-In-One Design Is Quite Impressive Despite It Right Now. Both a laptop and a tablet can be used with it.

Processor                                           7th generation Intel Core I5 

Ram                                                   16gb Ram

SSD                                                    512 GB 

Battery                                               Battery Life On A Full Charge Is 10 Hours

Design                                               Convertible with 4 In 1

Display                                               A 360-Degree Touchscreen With A 1600 x 2400 Resolution.

OS                                                       Chrome.

Activate time                                       It activates in less than.ten seconds 

Google Assistant                                 It Supports, yes.

Pen                                                     Support for Stylus

Communication                                   Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 

All environments fit this description. Even in an environment that is well lit. This Is Because Of The Internal Intel HD Graphics Card. The display resolution is also 2400 x 1600. In addition to That, The Brightness Is 400nit.

It also serves two purposes. Touch Mode is an alternative. A Pixel Book Pen Would Also Work. It Contains The Chromebook Google Pixel. This implies that you can explore, create, or begin writing easily.

  • The lithium-ion battery should have a battery life of up to 12 hours.
  • It Is Fantastic For Several Tasks.
  • The internal storage capacity of the Google Pixel Book 12 is 512 GB.
  • The backup option offered by the device is first-rate. You will save information, such as documents, for offline use.

Google Pixelbook 12″ Benefits

  • The Modern Look

One of the Google Pixelbook’s advantages is the attractiveness of its build and design. It is just incredible, and the high-end construction allows for any use at all. A high-resolution display and a sleek design can be found on the Google Pixelbook.

  • The Android Assistance

Support for Android apps is another key advantage of the Google Pixelbook. Applications for Android must adhere to strict guidelines in the workplace. Manufacturer promises high level of entertainment and productivity with Android compatibility.

  • fantastic keyboard

It’s well worth the money to have a big, precise keyboard. The Google Pixelbook is Unique Among Competitors, Including Its Large Keyboard.

The disadvantages of the 12″ Google Pixelbook

  • With no biometric option

The security of the device and of user data may be at risk if biometric security is not present. A drawback of the Google Pixelbook is the lack of biometric authentication.

What You Need To Know About The 12″ Google Pixelbook

Chrome Is A New Piece Of Software. Modern computers use this. Among the advantages are:

  • Extended Boot Time
  • It only requires a few seconds.
  • It’s cloud-based.
  • Not least among other things, it is a browser-based application.

You will consequently have quick access to the internet. Additionally, Chrome OS performs updates automatically. This Clearly Indicates That System Software Will Be Responsive. Also, it is secure.

What Do Google Pixelbooks Get Used For?

Users Will Utilize Their Pixelbooks For A Range Of Objectives. You may use it for work, education, image and video proofreading, or to pursue your interests. You might also want to experiment with a few different apps for this. You’d be equipped to use any software you need for this purpose. You can rely on Office Apps in addition to that. Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Office are all included. The Pixel Book is ideal for writing, as well as for drawing, painting, and designing.

Pixelbook 12″ gaming experience‘

Game developers should consider the Google Pixelbook 12in. It is appropriate for gaming on both computers and consoles. Additionally, users will be able to play mobile games from Google Play. With racing, journey, and other sports available to hook on to, your entertainment is assured.

Response-Providing Keyboard

The keyboard on the Pixel Book 12in responds quickly. Thus, it is ideal for computer use and gaming. Also very comfortable to use is the keyboard. Using the keyboard, you can quickly find all the information you require for Chrome OS. You may also choose to use the audio mode.

lovely touch screen

Google Pixelbook Review

The Google Pixelbook’s Glass Trackpad Is One Of The Cute Features. Because it supports both single-handed and multi-handed gestures, the touch experience is fluid. Reviews indicate that it has the best touch and keyboard. It is suitable for the workplace because of its accurate touch. The majority of thin laptops struggle with touch functionality.

The Google Pixelbook, on the other hand, stands out due to its satisfying touch experience. The new Google Pixelbook 12.2 In One Convertible Laptop Offers Various Types Of Touch Option To The Users, Giving You Vibrancy And Power Touch Is All That You Can Experience.


High-end laptop with excellent performance and features is the Google Pixelbook 12″. You can use the laptop in a variety of positions thanks to the responsive touch screen display and 360-degree hinge. The 8GB of RAM ensures seamless multitasking, while the Intel Core I5 Processor offers decent speed and power. Your files and data can be stored on the 128GB Solid State Drive with no problem. For those who want a laptop with high performance and features, the Google Pixelbook 12in is a great choice.

Excellent voice and video quality.

Outstanding and effective voices can be heard on the Google Chrome Pixel Book. A Enjoyable Gaming Experience Will Be Assured. However, Students Will Benefit As Well from It. You won’t miss any classes, and you can listen to the sessions that were recorded for useful information. A webcam with a 1080p resolution is also present. As a result, you are able to view and capture high-quality images.

Best and Most Unique Features Of The 12″ Google Pixelbook

The many features of the Google Pixelbook appeal to users. Innovative new technology with distinct advantages. Let’s examine some Pixelbook features you need to be aware of.

The Design and the Standard

The Google Pixelbook has a sleek, dependable design that is appealing. Only 0.5 inches thick, it is a thin and light laptop. Its reliability is unaffected by its clean appearance, though.

Crystal-clear audio

The Sound Function In Google’s Ultra-Thin Pixelbook Is Exciting To Many People. Although it is thin, the designers still positioned speakers beneath the keyboard. Users can enjoy a great sound experience with accurate sound characteristics.

The old models’ fans for controlling heat are not present.

Google Pixelbook review: $1,000 gets you the best Chromebook | Mashable

You can get fan-less and low-heat technology from the special Pixelbook. Your Google Pixelbook Will Last Longer Than Any Chromebook If the temperature is Low.

The Simple User Interface

A Google Pixelbook’s Glass trackpad is yet another intriguing feature. Because it supports both single and multiple gestures, using the touch is a pleasant experience. It has the best touch and keyboard, according to the reviews. Because of its fine touch, it is suitable for the workplace. The majority of thin laptop computers struggle with touch functionality.

The Ingenious Pixel Pen

It’s essential to use the Pixel Pen in order to get the most out of your Google Pixelbook. The price is very reasonable for the Pixelbook stylus. The pressure responses and settings on this stylus are numerous. You can express your creativity and artistic side with a pen. A busy stylus for your Pixelbook is a wise purchase if you enjoy sketching.

The Virtual Print of The Pen Is Easy

Creating a seamless experience. By pressing the pen, you can make it thicker. Furthermore, Additional Features Aid In Improving The Google Pixel Book’s Quality It can be used not only for drawing but also for office work and taking notes. You Can Make the Most of Your Google Pixelbook 12 With the Help of a Stylus, Which Is A Great Tool.

Google Pixelbook 12in’s Android Integration

A well-known company globally is Google.The World Is Aware Of Google’s Other Products. One’s devices and computer software are easy to use. The Google Pixelbook 12in also has another built-in Google Assistant. With all current Google Apps, it operates flawlessly. Additionally, Pixelbook Will Stay Current With Everything The Company Offers.

What Separates This Laptop From Others

Google Pixelbook Review: Next-level Chromebook

A high-end laptop with a lot of amazing features is the Google Pixelbook 12″. The 360-degree hinge is one of its most distinctive features. When working on the go, this makes it possible to use the laptop in a variety of positions. Aside from that, the Google Pixelbook has a 128GB solid state drive, 8GB of RAM, and an Intel Core I5 processor.

This laptop’s specifications make it ideal for running demanding applications while multitasking. The Google Pixelbook’s 12″ touch screen display is yet another fantastic feature. This makes it possible for you to interact with your computer more naturally. In general, those looking for high-end performance and features will find the Google Pixelbook to be a great laptop.

These Additional Four Benefits Of Purchasing The Google Pixelbook 12″

  • Convenience

Is the main and primary justification for buying a Google Pixelbook 12in. Additionally, the laptop is portable. Along with its mass, it has a slim design as well. The laptop’s body, however, is quite sturdy and made of aluminium. The laptop is therefore practical for use while travelling.

  • Google created it.

A well-known company globally is GoogleThe World Is Aware Of Google’s Other Products. One’s devices and computer software are easy to use. The Google Pixelbook 12in also has another built-in Google Assistant. With all current Google Apps, it operates flawlessly. Additionally, Pixelbook Will Stay Current With Everything The Company Offers.

  • Apps For Android And Chrome

To start with, the Google Chromebook has a special feature. It’s a single laptop that can run both Chrome and Android applications. This eliminates the requirement to switch between hardware when using multiple applications. Also compatible with the Pixelbook is the Android version of Microsoft Office. You won’t have to stop using Excel or Word if you buy a Pixelbook.

  • Google Pixelbook 12″ Laptop Price

There is no doubt that the company is overrun with laptop computers. The Pixelbook Laptop, however, is the best in terms of features. The Price of the 12″ Google Pixelbook

999.00 dollars [75824 rupees]. Nevertheless, substantial discounts on the product are offered by online retailers like Amazon. Despite the Laptop’s Exorbitant Price, Its Success And Features Make It A Good Place To Invest.

Can I buy a Pixelbook 12″ as a student?

Google Pixelbook Go Review: Impressive, but still expensive

A Google Chromebook is something you should consider before buying. Only if you are a university student, consider your budget and the requirements for your courses. The Pixelbook laptop is a great option provided that both of these conditions are satisfied. Make sure the laptop, however, that it satisfies all of your needs before you purchase it.


The most basic Google Pixelbook model, which includes a Core I5-7Y57 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage, costs $999.

The Specific Costs Are As Follows:

Processor       RAM       ROM       Cost

I5                    8GB        256GB     $849

I5                   16GB      256GB     $999

I5                   16GB      512GB     $1399

I7                   16GB      512GB     $1,699

Issues I Have with This Product

An excellent laptop with many features is the Google Pixelbook. There are a few things, though, that I don’t like about it.

  • First, The Cost Is A Little Expensive
  • Second, battery life might be improved.
  • Third, the screen size is a little too small in my opinion.
  • The keyboard could be improved, to finish.
  • I Wish It Had More Ports, Fifth.
  • Sixth, the trackpad has room for improvement.
  • Eighth, The Speakers Are Not Loud Enough. Seventh, I Wish It Had An HDMI Port To Connect To A TV Or Monitor.
  • Ninth, because this product is not water resistant, it cannot be wet or stained without being damaged.
  • Last but not least, some users discover that this computer runs slower than those from other manufacturers.

The Google Pixelbook 12in Has A Lot Of Amazing Features, But It Also Has Some Drawbacks. It features an Intel Core I5 processor, a 360-degree hinge, and a touch screen display. 8GB of RAM and a 128GB solid state drive are also included. Despite Being A Great Device With Many Advantages, It Has Significant Drawbacks. This might not be your best option if you’re searching for an affordable laptop without as many features.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the 12″ Google Pixelbook

1.What OS is used by the Pixelbook?

The type of operating system that the Pixelbook uses is the first important factor for buyers. The 12″ Pixelbook runs Chrome OS. Chrome is set up to update itself automatically. Along with automatic updating, it has anti-virus software. Additionally, throughout the day, the Chrome operating system is quick and effective.

2.I have a Pixelbook; can I run Windows 10 on it?

The answer is that the 12 inch Google Pixelbook is compatible with Windows 10. One of the few Google devices capable of running Windows. Limited storage space is the only drawback.

3.Do Pixelbooks Support Microsoft Office?

On a Google Pixelbook laptop, Microsoft Office is used. The laptop may also be used to open, edit, and upload files. Microsoft Office files can also be converted using it. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files can therefore be used in Pixelbook.

4. Can Android apps be used on the Pixelbook?

The Pixelbook Supports Both Android And Chrome Apps, as Said In An Article Earlier. As a result, Pixelbook Users Were Able To Download And Use Android Apps With Ease. Android apps are also available for download through the Google Play Store. Due to their ability to be saved on the Google Pixelbook 12in, Android apps can be used offline. As a result, you can use Android apps even without an internet connection. The Pixelbook 12 supports both movie and music streaming.

5. Does the Pixelbook Have Bluetooth Connectivity?

The Google Pixelbook 12 Inch Comes With Bluetooth. It Means That Pixelbook Accessories Can Be Interacted With. To put it another way, a mouse, headphones, and keyboard can all be connected to the Pixelbook.

6.Is It Possible To Play Games On A Pixelbook?

The Pixelbook’s support for Android apps makes gaming possible. From the Google Play Store, you can also download Android games.

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