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In June of last year, Apple gave $100 million to the Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI). The program is being led by Lisa Jackson, vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives at Apple. Today, Apple released a portion of its work for the project. Read the Apple 100m BlackdilletTechCrunch article.

The newest projects from REJI will be introduced with partners from a variety of fields and occupations, including students, educators, business owners, and community leaders. We’ll work together to strengthen communities that have endured racism and discrimination at their worst for too long. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said, “We are thrilled to rerealizehis goal and to uphold the Apple principles of equity, inclusivity, and fairness.

The Propel Centre, an innovation and learning hub for historically black colleges and universities, will receive a $25 million donation from the corporation. It will consist of a physical campus inside the Atlanta University Center as well as a virtual platform. These representations of the new structure were some of those that Apple shared.

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Students will have access to a variety of educational paths, such as those in artificial intelligence, agriculture technologies, social justice, and entertainment. They can also choose to study entrepreneurship, design a,and creativity, augmented reality, and app development. Not only is Apple investing money, but staff members will also assist in creating curricula. Additionally, mentoring will be offered. There will be internship opportunities for students.

Additionally, the business will launch an Apple Developer Academy in downtown Detroit with a special emphasis on young Black entrepreneurs. The University of Michigan State is the partner in this venture. All Detroit students will have access to this course, which will teach them useful skills for entrepreneurs, creators, and programmers.

Two programs will be offered. You can learn more about the app economy and navigate the market with the aid of a 30-day first program. There is an intensive program that lasts 10 to 12 months if you wish to go further. Each year, 1,000 pupils are to be reached by Apple through these two initiatives.

The third endeavor focuses on providing Black and Brown entrepreneurs with investment options. Apple will spend $10 million with New York-based VC company Harlem Capital. Apple and Harlem Capital will keep working together.

Additionally, Apple contributed $25 million to the Clear Vision Impact Fund run by Siebert Williams Shank. Additionally, Apple will provide to The King Center.

As you can see, Apple’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative is a continuous undertaking that necessitates a continuous assessment of new opportunities. Apple is not merely interested in making money available to everyone. To choose the ideal relationship, each opportunity is assessed separately.

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