Construction or Remodeling

One of the reasons our clients contact us is because they need to clean up after a build and are concerned they don’t have the equipment, time, or expertise to do it properly.

At Xtreme Clean, we have a team specialized in end-of-construction cleaning to remove dust, the material remains, and paint or varnish stains. For this, it is important to determine the amount of dirt and debris to be removed and proceed with comprehensive cleaning.

Why hire a professional cleaning?

As soon as you think to renovate your property like your office, home, or any industrial area. You need a contractor. A contractor’s core responsibility is to renovate the property and protect the existing one. After renovation, cleaning is extremely important to protect your home from dust, particles, and paint fumes. You must consider the property’s floor, walls, and other parts that shouldn’t be scratched or dented. But usually, they get dusty and sticky due to the renovation process. So, professional cleaning is a must-have after the renovation process.

There are several types of cleaning, according to the clients’ needs. Still, post-construction cleaning focuses mainly on those difficult tasks for the client. Who wants to obtain a quality service in a short time and without having to invest in machinery, cleaning products, or hiring more staff. For this reason, it is carried out by outsourcing.

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What is cleaning after construction or remodeling?

To carry out a thorough cleaning of the place, the dust is cleaned with the use of industrial vacuum cleaners. After that, wet cloths can be passed over the surfaces to trap any residue not previously removed.

If traces of paint are found, they must be removed with a spatula, depending on the type of chemical product. During cleaning, the glass is thoroughly cleaned, and the floors, to deliver a completely clean work and ready to jump in.

Who contracts this service?

Once the houses or apartments are finished, they are clean, so they can be exhibited to potential buyers. Usually, this cleaning after construction is contracted by construction companies that develop real estate projects. They find the house ready to move in in case to acquire it.

On the other hand, the service is also requested when a person hires a construction company for his house, and they use the turnkey system, which requires delivering the property perfectly clean and ready to move.

Another clientele that requests this service from us is those who remodel their homes or offices and need to eliminate the annoying dust generated by the gypsum and paste or properly clean glass, floors, and others that could have suffered from this situation.

The major advantage of hiring a cleaning company is that cleaning after construction saves time. It is for those interested since our work teams have properly trained personnel, cleaning products, and specialized equipment. Also, professional machinery that ensures excellent results in less time is used to clean the property.

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