Cost Comparison Websites UK

There are a number of cost comparison websites available in the UK. These websites can be used to compare prices and compare products. Among the more popular are PriceRunner, Skinflint, PriceChecker, and PaylessDeal. However, there are a number of other websites available that can help you save money.


PriceChecker is a UK-based cost comparison website that compares prices for many popular consumer brands. It compares prices for 2.3 million items across 6000+ stores. The site has a very modern and user-friendly interface, and allows users to easily find products and prices that meet their needs. It also offers reviews and the ability to create an account so that you can place future orders or store items on your wishlist.

PriceChecker is an excellent choice for UK shoppers. The website offers detailed comparisons of prices for different products, and also lists special shopping deals. The site is completely free to use and allows comparisons between different retailers and product categories. The site also lets you know which retailer has the lowest and highest prices of the product you’re looking for.

Another popular UK cost comparison website, Idealo, lets you compare prices from top retail sites, including eBay and Amazon. It also shows shipping costs along with the product price. This helps you determine the total cost of the product for you. The site is also easy to use and displays the top products in a variety of categories. Its product search bar lets you compare prices of thousands of products. It also includes information about each product, including product description, reviews, and international prices.


You can use Skinflint to compare prices for products from different online retailers. It also displays information like the top 10 products in the category and user reviews. This is particularly useful for dropshippers and WooCommerce retailers. Moreover, you can also set price alerts for a certain product.

The site is popular among dropshippers in the EU and UK. It lets customers easily compare prices for products by category and country. It also lets users create wish lists and view the best selling products in each category. You can also compare the costs of products sold by different wholesale retailers within Europe.


If you’re a Brit who’s looking to save money on everyday items, PriceRunner is an excellent place to start. It compares prices from over 2.2 million products and more than five hundred retailers. You can also use the PriceRunner barcode scanner in stores to compare prices directly. The company is also an official real-time price index provider for the Central Bank of Sweden.

As of November, PriceRunner has agreed to be acquired by Klarna, a Swedish financial services company. As part of the deal, PriceRunner wants Google to compensate it for lost profits in the UK since 2008 and in Sweden and Denmark since 2013. This move would allow PriceRunner to stay independent and maintain its position as the largest independent cost comparison website in the Nordic region, with more than 3.7 million products and 22,500 stores in 25 countries.

The company has a clean look and offers a number of price comparison features. For instance, users can search for a product, and the site displays the top 10 results. Other features include expert reviews and a product guide.


If you’re a British shopper, you’ve probably heard of PaylessDeal. This cost comparison website can save you money on a vast variety of products. It’s great for those looking for package deals, as it features a large selection of products from various dropshippers. It also offers city-specific filters so you can see retailers in your area.

It compares prices for the most popular stores in the UK. Users can compare prices for everything from clothing to electronics. It also shows shipping costs in addition to product prices, making it easy for customers to compare prices and choose the lowest price. It’s easy to use and offers a modern look. You can also browse through price histories, reviews, and even get directions to a specific store.


There are several cost comparison websites UK that help consumers find the best deal on various products. One of the best-known is MoneySuperMarket. Founded in 1987, this site compares the cost of different financial products and services, such as mortgages and credit cards. To start your comparison, simply select the category you’re interested in and enter your requirements.

Another popular price comparison website UK is Idealo. This site lets you compare prices on products across a wide range of categories. It is free to use and has a database of over 350 million offers from 50,000 retailers, including both leading brands and specialist sites. It also has a dedicated flight portal, Idealo Flights. Idealo is available in the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Spain, and Germany.

PriceRunner UK compares popular consumer brands and reputable UK retailers, allowing users to find the lowest prices on popular items. Its user interface is clean and modern, with a clear layout for comparing products. Users can also filter results by price, brand, and features. In addition, PriceRunner UK allows users to store a wishlist for later purchases and create an account.


PriceBat is a cost comparison website that allows consumers to compare prices for different products within a specific niche, such as electronics and computers. It is designed to show the lowest and highest prices for different products, so users can find the best deal for their needs. The site lists various categories of products, from ink cartridges to TV mounts, and gives users the lowest and highest prices for each item. It also offers reviews and news on a wide variety of different products.

The PriceBat interface allows users to compare prices from a variety of retailers. It has a modern design and allows customers to refine their search based on price history, product reviews, and more. In addition, it offers price alerts and can point users to local stores.

The average internet consumer spends about three websites before making a purchase. This is especially true when it comes to expensive products, such as cars. Many people spend days or even weeks searching for a new car, and look for reviews, video tutorials, and other information that will help them make the best decision.


Shopbot is one of the cost comparison websites that specializes in finding the best deals on products for consumers. It claims to find the best prices on nearly any product. But there are some limitations. Shopbot’s suggested prices may not be the actual price, which is why it is important to read the fine print before making a purchase. For example, the suggested price does not take local sales taxes into account.

Shopbot is a price comparison website that allows users to compare products from different retailers. You can also see product reviews and expert opinions. This website is free to use and is available in several European languages, as well as in the UK. It offers dozens of categories and most products. It also has a modern interface and offers useful extras like a price alert feature.

Although Shopbot has a high potential, it still has certain technical limitations. For one thing, it may mislead consumers about better deals, resulting in higher costs for merchants. Moreover, it can increase competition and decrease margins for small merchants.


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