Goldmark Oakham Jewelry

Goldmark Oakham Jewelry – Impressions From Special Editions

Goldmark Oakham, known as the One Who Blows Soul Into Diamonds, since its launch, Goldmark Oakham has been loved by the royal family and has become a luxury jewelry brand in the world. Design innovations and talented artisans of prestigious craftsmanship create special limited editions that make up the name of Goldmark Oakham’s empire of movements jewelry.

  1. Flying Lotus 2000

Referring to Goldmark Oakham’s famous event is referring to Flying Lotus Bespoke Jewelry, which first launched in 2000, when the brand expanded into Asia, where the lotus became a symbol of purity. The Flying Lotus version is reminiscent of the noble Lotus, this seemingly fragile appearance served as a throne for the gods. Its wreath closes each night, before blooming again at sunrise. To represent this permanent innovation, Goldmark Oakham dreamed of a beautiful mysterious masterpiece that could be discovered.

Specially designed that only the finest and most sophisticated products can create, the Flying Lotus is designed to create a mechanical movement that opens and closes to embrace the central diamond.

Set with 478 black diamonds embodying the power of pride, the artist sketches and accentuates petal details that are both gentle and tough. It took more than 340 hours of work to create the unique details.

  1. The Goose That Laid The Diamond Eggs

Goldmark Oakham is exposed to Indian culture from the mining fields to the unique arts in this place. In Hindu culture, the goose is a sacred symbol known as Hamsa, which in summer will migrate to the “mind lake” Manasarovar. It is because of living in a heavenly lake that Hamsa is an important element in the symbolism of wisdom and beauty.

Goldmark Oakham has created a diamond jewelry masterpiece that symbolizes love and wisdom.

The Goose That Laid The Diamond Eggs

The Goose That Laid The Diamond Eggs

The Goose that laid the diamond eggs, is more than a piece of high-end jewelry, with 79 round clear diamonds, 9 blue sapphires, and 9 pear blue sapphires. In the center, is an incredibly valuable elliptical blue diamond. Blue diamond is the rarest, most expensive diamond today, blue is a symbol of faith, peace, and life. This is a soul diamond with the DNA of the beautiful and rare goose Sebastopol. Meticulously depicting every little detail, The Goose has an aura of sharpness, pride and victory.

Goldmark Oakham is also very willing to play when investing in The Goose that laid the diamond eggs according to its name. When the customer owns this masterpiece, every year, the goose will really “give” a diamond egg. And this diamond egg will be delivered to your door by Goldmark Oakham.

The Goose that laid the diamond eggs is a limited and hard-to-find piece of jewelry, so much so that it is the goose who chooses the owner. According to information from Goldmark Oakham, customers will receive “diamond goose eggs” for 10 years.

  1. Flying Lotus 2022

Inheriting from the design launched in 2000, the Flying Lotus version reflects a Lotus Calyx rising into the air. The mysterious beauty of nature is an endless source of inspiration for Goldmark Oakham, praising the delicate, magical beauty of the lotus flower with a strong visual effect thanks to its brilliant diamonds. The open design of the petals creates an unforgettable impression, with the interweaving technique combined with the skillful instincts of the artist to depict a real lotus.

The Flying Lotus 2022 Bespoke Jewelry

The Flying Lotus 2022 Bespoke Jewelry

Pure colors, intriguing textures, and the opening and closing movement of the petals are a step forward in the art of jewelry making. Flying Lotus is one of the legendary designs, sophisticated at the top level that other brands have never reached.

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