Googelecom | How to Add a Store Locator to Your Website

A store locator is an excellent tool to assist your consumers in locating the nearest location. If you don’t already have a website, you can quickly install a widget with the necessary information. To do so, first create an API key with Googelecom, then define a maximum radius for the stores. It’s simple to add a widget to your website. You must copy and paste the code into the appropriate section to add a store locator.

Find the Store That’s Closest to You

You can put a store locator on your website if you have one. In a couple of seconds, a shop finder can assist your consumers find the nearest location. Simply type the information into the text box, and the search bar should appear. Then press ‘Add.’ Within a few minutes, the widget should display.

How to Include a Store Finder on a Website

Using a service like Googelecom to add a store locator to your redeveloped website is one of the most common options. You can quickly construct a store locator for any website using this software. By supplying the address, you can embed a store locator on any web page and link it to the map.

A simple code can be used to embed a store map on your website. A store locator will display product availability and help customers to find a location near them. The software is available for download for free and allows you to personalise the map. You can even incorporate a map into your site if you use WordPress.

Install the Google Maps API on your computer.

Using a WordPress plugin or a widget to incorporate a store locator into your website? A Google Maps API must be installed on your website if you wish to integrate a store locator. To add a map, you’ll need a Google API key. An address in a custom CSS file can be used to add a WordPress plugin to a website.

A plugin can be used to add a store locator to your website. With a map from Googelecom, adding a map to your website is simple. The plugin allows you to change a map’s appearance and location. In the area of a store on your site, you can also add your icons and alter the content. While this plugin has a lot of functionality, customising Google Maps for your website is more difficult.

Store Locator with Flexibility

Including a map on your website is simple! You can also include a map that indicates the locations of your stores. You can put it in the appropriate section of your website. You can alter the map to show the locations of your stores on a Google Map if you have an Agile Store Locator. You’ll have a lot of customising choices if you use an Agile website locator.

A store locator can be added to your website in a number of ways. The plugin allows you to personalise the appearance and feel of your website by integrating Google Maps into it. You can use a map to show the sections of your website and include a location on your homepage. The plugin can be easily integrated into any Wix template. If you want to give your visitors a better front-end experience, you can use the Google map on your Wix site.

Last but not least

 a store locator is an excellent addition to your website. It assists customers in quickly locating a store. Customers can benefit from a store locator in a variety of ways. The store locater, for example, is a useful feature that will assist your customer in making a purchase. You may easily include the store’s address in the region of interest by including a map.

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