Having complete knowledge of Calyssa Arielle Solomon
Having complete knowledge of Calyssa Arielle Solomon

Having complete knowledge of Calyssa Arielle Solomon

Calyssa Arielle Solomon is the name of Nadya Suleman’s daughter. In the media, Natalie Denise Suleman is also referred as as Octomom. Natalie is a media celebrity who became renowned when she gave birth to her two children. After a week, they gathered their family around to celebrate the birthdays of their kids. Calyssa Arielle Solomon, whose family’s entire net worth is USD 150k, is the focus of our story today.

The Focus of the Article

The mother, Nadya Suleman, gave birth to 8 children, making the family famous. She is known as Octomom for this reason. And it comes as a surprise that every child is alive, well, and in good health. The study into the debate over multiple births and assisted reproductive technologies included the California Medical Board.


The first six children were born to Nadya Suleman by in vitro fertilisation, or IVF for short. Nadya initially denied using public aid, but in April 2012, she ultimately admitted it on NBC’s show. Nadya, the mother of Calyssa, was born in California’s Fullerton. Her parents are real estate agents, restaurant owners, teachers, and restaurant owners with offices in Iraq, Palestine, and America.

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Mother of Calyssa’s Calyssa: Education and Career

The mother of Calyssa attended Nogales High School. Natalie Doud was her name at the time. But she later enrolled at Walnut’s Mount San Antonio College. She began working as a technician there. It was before she began attending a college in California. She worked for the California state hospital and received a BSc in child development. Calyssa and the mother of her brother were wed to Marco Gutierrez in 1996.

Mother of Calyssa divorced

But tragically, this adorable pair lost touch with one another. And it happened only four years after their wedding. Her spouse Gutierrez filed for divorce in November 2006, and it was finalised in 2008, during the year 2000. Six embryos from Nadya Suleman’s prior IVF procedures were discovered in 2009. She didn’t want to kill the frozen embryos, so she transferred six of the six to her uterus. However, a woman of her age should only have three embryos implanted in her womb.

The Debate Over Embryos

These embryos were kept very securely at Dr. Kamrava’s facility. The California medical board launched an investigation in June 2011 after learning that Dr. Kamrava had violated standard operating practise by transferring 12 embryos. Dr. Kamrava was involved in the same case as Nadya, and the California Medical Board filed a lawsuit against him, revoking his licence as of July 1, 2011.

Individual Life

Any information regarding Calyssa and her siblings is not properly available to mention in this post since Calyssa’s information is not properly available anywhere. Except for all of them, no formal revelation of information regarding this family is currently accessible. So, the main point is this knowledge. Calyssa is only a little child at the moment, although she attends school and must be in secondary standard.


The California Medical Board disagrees with Dr. Kamrava and Calyssa’s mother Nadya Suleman, yet it is undeniable that Nadya Suleman has the courage of her convictions to save the embryos from degeneration and destruction and give them life on her own. This demonstrates her bravery, which is admirable and deserving of praise.

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