Many businesses in Canada focus solely on profit. This short-sighted, even barbaric approach to running a company often results in cultures that only pretend to care about the people they hire and serve, giving rise to a relentless churn of employees.

When people feel like their bosses don’t care about them, they may “quietly quit” or turn in lacklustre work. The sky is the limit when a team is motivated, but demoralized, atomized workers who feel like the extra effort is a one-way street don’t deliver.

If you need tips to improve your company culture, read on.

Job Description Software

Hire the right candidate sooner and with less stress by getting software that can build amazing job descriptions instantly. Job description software makes it easy for HR pros to get at the heart of the role when posting to fill a job vacancy.

The software also comes with competency-based interview questions that allow managers, executives, and HR pros to ask more probing questions during the interview. They’re free to use the questions as they are or tailor them as needed.

Finally, job description software also provides the basis for evaluating employees fairly. The competencies in the job descriptions and interview questions help align an employee’s skills with the company’s need and sets the blueprint for what employees need to do to get promoted and how they should be evaluated. Opting for career pathing services from HRSG lets companies use the power of computing to give their HR a serious digital boost.

Pay Them Fairly

By the time $15 a month becomes the minimum wage, a living wage will rise to $25. Companies have short-changed employees for decades, but often, you get what you buy.

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that cleaners and other frontline workers are the lynchpins which make society function and that the way they’re underpaid is deeply disgraceful. It’s also bad business. 

Executives aren’t driven by passion; they expect enormous compensation for their work, and they receive it. Why should the people who do all the work be treated any differently? 

Paid Time Off

At the height of the pandemic, before vaccinations were created, the business lobby adamantly refused to give workers paid time off, even if they were feeling sick and showing symptoms of COVID-19. How could anybody feel loyalty to a job that shows them such little regard for human life?

If your team tells you they can’t come into work that day, then trust that they’re sick and don’t dock their pay. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re sick. Experts said that COVID-19 was spreading because businesses refused to give people paid time off, and people with bills to pay had pressure to come to work, even if they had the virus. 

This terrible policy caused untold damage to society at large, and must have wreaked havoc inside individual workplaces. 

Getting the right team in place to get jobs done means assembling the right people using purpose-built software but also giving them the right amount of trust and compensation. If you’re stingy with people, they’ll pay it back in kind.

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