attractive to recruiters
attractive to recruiters

How can you be more attractive to recruiters?

As the world is recovering from the economic destruction that resulted from the recent pandemic, more and more employment opportunities are becoming available by the day.

Organizations are in dire need of talented individuals, and the unemployment rates all across the world are decreasing. However, with the opportunities, the number of people looking to avail of those opportunities is also at an all-time high; the job market is more competitive than ever before.

With so many suitors, the recruiters are now looking for people who stand out and offer something more than just a college degree or a skill set. There are numerous ways you can make yourself more attractive to recruiters and increase your chances of getting your dream job.

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Below, we have mentioned some ways through which you can increase your chances of getting to the final interview and become more appealing to recruiters.

Develop a diverse skillset

Today, organizations are looking for a diverse skill set; most companies prefer individuals who have a knowledge of numerous subjects instead of just one major skill. The more skills you have, the more appealing you become to a recruiter. It is always better to take online courses and expand the horizon of your knowledge and skills. This not only improves your perception but also increases your chances of moving vertically and horizontally within an organization.

Keep a professional profile

Your online profile matters; everyone has a professional LinkedIn profile; however, what you post and do on other social media platforms also makes a significant difference in the eyes of recruiters. People who post questionable stuff on their Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, are less likely to get a job than those who keep everything professional and avoid any online misadventures.

Keep your profile updated

A major red flag for a recruiter is a candidate whose profile is not up to date. If you do not mention all your skills and courses online, there is no way the recruiter is going to find out where you stand if you do not update your online job profile. To avoid any inconveniences, it is essential to keep an updated profile.

Volunteer for different activities

Recruiters give a lot of thought to how you spend your free time; if your resume is full of volunteer tasks and other activities, you already have an upper hand over others. People who volunteer for different tasks and are always looking to better the community are preferred over those who do not do anything worthwhile in their free time.

Share useful resources with your network

As the recruiter scrolls through your LinkedIn profile, it is essential to make sure they see your intellectual capacity and what makes you different from others. If you write blogs, share informative articles, or do something out of the ordinary, it will always improve your chances of getting a job. Your profile should reflect your knowledge and must show the person going through your feed that you are intellectually above others.

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