How to Apply Indian Visa for Kenya and Namibia
How to Apply Indian Visa for Kenya and Namibia

How to Apply Indian Visa for Kenya and Namibia

If you’re from Kenya or Namibia, you can get an Indian visa for a visit to India, but the process can be a bit complicated. This article will help you understand what you need to know about the application process and what documents you will need.

Documents Required

If you are an Indian citizen, you can apply for an Indian visa for Kenya citizens. This visa allows you to visit the country for up to six months. It is a convenient option that eliminates the need for appointments and embassy visits.

The application process is fairly easy. You will be asked to provide your basic personal information. Also, you will need to upload your documents. These will be different depending on the type of e-visa you are applying for.

For a visitor visa, you will need a valid passport. You should also be able to show a bank statement. A bank statement is a document that demonstrates that you have a sufficient amount of funds to cover your trip.

You should also have a recent photograph. Your photo should be about 5.5 inches by 5.5 inches. Make sure the picture is clear and has a white background. An old photograph could be a factor in getting your application denied.

If you are traveling for a business, you will need a business card. If you are traveling for a medical reason, you will need to provide a medical certificate.

You should also have a proof of a recent PCR test. You should get the test done at least 72 hours before your flight.

Lastly, you should make sure that you have a valid air ticket. This ticket should cover the entire round-trip, and it should also show how you plan to get back home.

If you are traveling to Kenya for tourism purposes, you can get a tourist visa. Visitor visas can be granted for up to 90 days.

However, you should not apply for a visa less than 90 days before your scheduled departure. This is because there are some entry restrictions in place, such as the COVID-19. Using the internet to apply for a Kenya visa can be a good idea, as it will cut down on the time and effort required.

Overall, obtaining a Kenya visa is a fairly simple task. As long as you follow the correct guidelines, you should be able to obtain a visa in no time.

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e-Visa Fees

Whether you want to travel to Kenya, or you are visiting Namibia, you need to obtain an Indian visa for Namibia citizens. Getting a Kenyan e-Visa is a quick and easy process. You can complete the application online. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation email. Then, you must go to the airport and present your Kenyan e-Visa to the immigration officer. This visa will allow you to enter and exit any point of Kenya.

To apply for a Kenyan e-Visa, you must first create an account. Once you do, you can sign in to your account and proceed with the application.

To get a Kenyan e-Visa, fill up the form and upload the required documents. You will be required to fill in your name, gender, country of residence, date of arrival and departure, and your email address. Make sure to fill in all information as accurate as possible. Incorrect information can delay the processing of your visa.

You will be prompted to select the type of visa you need. Typical Kenyan visas include single journey, visitor and transit. Each type of visa has its own requirements.

You will need to provide a color photo. Your passport should have at least six months of validity. It should also have two blank pages for stamping the visa. Photos should be clear and recent.

After you have completed the application, you will be prompted to pay for the e-Visa. The amount of the fee will vary depending on the type of visa you choose.

You can pay the e-Visa fee using credit or debit card. You may also use PayPal. These fees will be added to your VISA Card.

In addition, you will be required to show proof of your yellow fever vaccination. If you are unsure about this, you can check with the Embassy.

The processing time for an e-Visa is usually 48 hours. However, you can also get an e-Visa within three days through the super-rush option. For this, you will need to pay $79 per person.

Using the calculator tool, you can find out exactly how much your visa processing fee will be.

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Re-entry Permit Required

Re-entry permit is an important document that should be obtained before visiting the United States. The permit will allow you to re-enter the country for up to two years. This document is required for a number of reasons including readmission. In addition to the re-entry permit, other documents may be needed.

Citizens of some countries must have a visa to enter the country. Passport holders of these countries are divided into three categories. There are also some nationalities that are exempt from obtaining a visa.

Passport holders from these countries must obtain a visa from their embassy. Visas can be applied for through the Kenyan Embassy.

Entry and exit conditions can change at a moment’s notice. For this reason, it is important to apply for a visa at least two months in advance of your departure date.

You can get an e-visa online. You can use your credit card to make payment. However, you will need to have a valid passport to apply for an e-visa. You must submit a scan of your bio-data page from your passport. It should be no more than 293kb in size.

You must also upload vaccination certificates. If you do not have proof of vaccination, you will be subjected to a Rapid Antigen Test. If you do not pass, you will be asked to isolate as per the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

You should always carry your identification and a copy of your travel documents. Do not walk alone in large towns. Be cautious of carjacking and pickpocketing. Use taxis with the Namibia Bus and Taxi Association logo.

You must not engage in business without a permit. Failure to do so will result in denial of your application.

When applying for a re-entry permit, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment in advance. If you have children, you will need to carry an affidavit. Those traveling with children must also have a full birth certificate.

You can also check the USCIS website for more information on re-entry permits. If you encounter any problems, you can contact them at the USCIS contact center.

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Business Visa Requirements

If you’re an Indian passport holder and plan on traveling to Kenya, then you’ll need to apply for a Business Visa. There are a number of eligibility criteria that must be met, and the process takes about two to three business days.

You’ll also need to provide a valid passport that has at least six months left on the date of expiry. In addition, you’ll need an invitation letter from a company or organization. The letter should include the name of the company or organization and the purpose of your visit. It should also be addressed to the diplomatic mission of your country.

Once you’ve submitted all of your documents, you’ll receive an eVisa. The eVisa can be issued in as little as three business days. However, you’ll need to ensure that all of your information is accurate. Also, you’ll need to use a working email address to receive the eVisa.

The Kenya Business eVisa allows you to stay in the country for up to 30 days. For a longer period, you can request an extension. After you apply, you can download your Business eVisa from the Government of Kenya website.

As with any visa application, you’ll need to be careful not to get caught up in any unscrupulous elements. Make sure to check the requirements carefully and submit all of your documents on time. This will help you avoid expensive delays and detention.

Depending on the type of visa you’re applying for, you may need to provide some additional documents. For example, if you’re applying for a visitor visa, you’ll need a colored passport photo. Similarly, you’ll need to attach a copy of your work permit and any bank statements.

Moreover, some nationalities will need to answer health or security questions. These requirements vary, and you’ll need to contact your nearest FRRO to find out more.

Lastly, you’ll need to pay the required fee for your Business eVisa before you’re issued a travel document. Payments are made using a debit or credit card. Depending on the length of your stay, your eVisa will usually be issued within three to five business days.

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