How to Apply Indian Visa for Russian and Singapore Citizens
How to Apply Indian Visa for Russian and Singapore Citizens

How to Apply Indian Visa for Russian and Singapore Citizens

Whether you are traveling to India for a short or a long duration, it is important to know that there are various types of visas available for Indian citizens. The validity of all visas is generally from the date of issue, although the exact length of time it will take to get a visa will depend on the FRRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Office) that issues the visa and the number of applicants applying for the same. FRRO officials are in the best position to advise you on the process of applying for an Indian Visa for Russian Citizens & Indian Visa for Singapore Citizens.

eVisa Holders must Arrive via Port Bouet Airport

eVisas are issued to international travelers to enter the country. Currently, 137 countries have the ability to obtain electronic visas before arriving. The process takes minutes. A traveler must fill out an application, submit a fee and provide personal information. The eVisa will be sent to the applicant’s email address.

The eVisa program is administered by the Ivory Coast government. The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is valid for two years when it is issued. It is available in English and requires the holder to enter the designated airports, seaports and land crossings.

eVisas are only issued to travelers who arrive at one of the Ivory Coast’s two international airports. They must travel via Port Bouet Airport in Abidjan. If traveling on a business or medical visit, an official sponsor must accompany the eVisa holder. A pre-enrollment visa is required before eVisas can be issued. A biometric enrollment is required before issuing the eVisa.

FRRO officials are in the best position to advise you on how long the process will take

e-FRRO or the Foreigner Regional Registration Office is a website that provides the immigration services for foreigners. The e-visa, on the other hand, is an electronic visa that can be renewed whenever the applicant returns to India.

There are various types of visas that are available for foreigners to choose from. In addition, there are numerous FRROs located in different parts of India. The e-FRRO website allows you to apply for an e-Visa and pay your visa fee online. You can use your credit card, debit card or even PayPal to make the transaction.

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The e-Visa has a standard turnaround time of 72 hours. If you are looking to apply for a longer duration, you might have to do some legwork. However, it is still possible to get a Business Visa within 48 hours.

If you want to apply for a Medical Visa, you’ll have to do a little more legwork. If you’re in need of medical treatment that will last more than 180 days, you’ll need to find a FRRO that can issue you a medical visa.

Validity of all Visas Commences from the Date of Issue

Previously, a tourist visa to India was valid for one year. However, with the introduction of the new e-visa system, a single visit to India can now be granted for a maximum of 30 days.

The e-visa allows a visitor to enter and exit the country through three designated seaports. It is valid for a period of 30 days and is not convertible. It does not allow entry to the Protected Areas or Cantonment Areas.

There are four main types of visas. Each type is applicable for a different purpose. They include the visitor visa, the e-Visa, the business visa, and the medical visa.

The e-Visa is available for citizens of 164 countries. The applicant must submit a photo page of their passport that contains details of their personal information. It is important that these details are accurate.

The e-visa is not applicable to countries that have imposed travel restrictions on travelers from India. For example, the government of Singapore requires visitors to apply for an electronic Visa before arrival.

Types of Visas Issued for Travel to India

Depending on the purpose of visit, different types of visas are issued to foreign nationals visiting India. There are tourist, employment, business, medical and transit visas, which are granted to individuals visiting the country for a variety of purposes. The duration of each visit ranges from 30 days to 180 days, and each visitor can enter the country twice in a six month period.

Tourist Visas are issued to non-resident foreigners who do not have any occupation in India, for a stay of thirty days. The visitor can travel to neighbouring countries. However, the visitor must obtain an exit permit before leaving India.

Employment Visas are issued to foreigners who are engaged in a senior-level position with an Indian company. The visitor must be a skilled professional. The applicant must also submit evidence of financial support. The validity of the visa starts from the date of issue and ends when the applicant leaves India. The applicant may extend the duration of his or her visa by an additional 90 days every twelve months.

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