How to choose the best tiles for the staircases?

Indeed, tiles are one of the best and most popular flooring options. Indoors or outdoors, tiles can withstand high traffic and functional style areas. However, you have to choose the best one for your business and household. Likewise, your staircases are one of the most high-traffic areas of your homes and business. That’s why you look for stone material in tiles. 

It can be hard to decide which tiles to choose for your staircases. There are many different options available, and you don’t always have the time to consider everything. In this post, get ready for some handy tips on choosing the best tiles for your staircases. Also, it will show you how to make sure your tiles look good and are easy to use.

So, consider these factors before you tile up your staircases:

  1. Look for a durable material
  2. Determine the safety of the material
  3. Choose the tile nosing
  4. Opt for solid colors in tiles
  5. Go for patterned tiles 
  6. Consider wood-looking tiles for a wooden appearance
  7. Consult professional installation

Look for durable material:

As you already know that your staircases get used over and over again. Indeed, there is no skipping on the durability factor. In general, many homeowners give extra thought when choosing these tiles. Well, it is worth considering the longevity factor. Be it marble, ceramic, porcelain, or vinyl tiles, – you have to pick the best stone/material for the sake of your safety. In addition to marble and ceramic tiles, travertine and slate tiles are also viable choices. 

Determine the safety of the material:

Unfortunately, stairs are the most random places in all sorts of buildings. However, it is essential to determine the safety of the material to avoid falling and tripping. So, consider slip resistance when selecting the staircase tiles and choose the proper finishing that creates friction in the material. Calacatta gold marble tiles, for instance, are not only beautiful but also safe for these parts of the home.

Choose the tile nosing:

First of all, get some idea about tile nosing. In the areas where the flat tile pieces meet that vertical section goes the tile nosing. It defines the tile edges and gives safety to the passers. Moreover, many people opt for metal or vinyl strips or wooden stripes to modify the final look of the steps. You may ask the artisans for custom nosing or go for a standard edging. 

Opt for solid colors in tiles:

In general, solid colors are the safest options for staircases. Many people take their safety seriously. Furthermore, some people go for large runner rugs for their stairs. Although, this might take the charm away from your tiles. But, safety is above all other factors. Therefore, it is best to opt for solid colors in stair tiles. Plus, you can cover these tiles with light-colored rugs to contrast with the dark tiles. 

Go for patterned tiles:

If you don’t intend to cover up the steps, patterned tiles are a perfect choice. In addition to being stunning, they are easy to clean and maintain. Choosing bold colored tiles with rising patterns can alone transform the look of your home at one glance. Black tiles with a gold pattern will look perfect with your calacatta gold marble floor. Also, pair these tiles with wooden treads. 

Consider wood-looking tiles for a wooden appearance:

For durability of stone, and a warm appearance like wood, use tiles in brown shades, preferably with veining that runs along the surface. Many people prefer polished wooden stairs, but their finish can wear off over time. Plus, frequent trips up and down the stairs can scratch or chip the wood. Therefore, natural stone might be a better and more lasting choice. Mocha brown or dark charcoal can be the best wood-like stones. 

Consult professional installation:

After selecting the suitable tiles:

  1. Go for a professional installation.
  2. Choose the best contractors to install the tiles safely and gracefully.
  3. Constantly reassure the safety of your home flooring with experienced installers.

Final thoughts:

Yes, choosing tiles for staircases is crucial for the safety and durability of your home. That is why consider this quick guide to selecting the best tiles for your steps. Start by choosing the material and consider slip resistance as your top priority. Then go for a suitable tile nosing and select the appropriate color for your household. If you are not using runners, choose patterned tiles. Make every step safe and more effortless. 

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