Iconic Katana Style Soujiyi

Soujiyi, an iconic katana style, is an effective combat technique that emphasizes balance and character traits such as discipline and integrity. Through structured instruction from qualified instructors, practitioners gradually build these abilities until they become second nature – enabling them to adapt easily in challenging environments!

Sageo (pronounced sageo) is a cord that wraps around the saya of a katana and connects it with its practitioner’s belt or hakama, providing protection from impact or sudden movements during practice sessions. Here, learn the various knots used to tie this type of cord!


Soujiyi techniques involve rapidly and forcefully kicking with quick footwork to generate centrifugal force and increase power, as well as using katas and solo practice regimens to strengthen both physical and mental prowess.

Soujiyi techniques emphasize balance as their first principle – harmonizing body, mind and spirit to increase coordination and agility. Soujiyi techniques also teach individuals how to focus their attention with laser precision on training or combat sessions, increasing efficiency and precision at training or combat.

Cyberpunk 2077 offers two methods of unlocking Soujiyi: Konpeki Plaza and ascending to the third pillar on its left side, or having completed Flathead Infiltration and entering Yorinobu Arasaka’s suit; once there, take out two large guards defending Saburo Arasaka’s aircraft before making your move and claim this powerful early game melee weapon.

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