Indian Visa For Russian & Singapore Citizens

There are several benefits of getting an Indian Visa for Russian Citizens & Indian Visa for Singapore Citizens. In this article, we will look at the benefits of eVisa India, the documents required, the validity of the visa and the cost. You can also read our article on the benefits of an eVisa Singapore. After reading this article, you’ll be well on your way to a hassle-free trip to India.

eVisa India

In case you are a Russian or Singapore citizen and want to visit India, you may be interested in applying for an eVisa. This type of visa allows you to enter the country at various points such as airports, seaports, immigration checkpoints, and more. Generally, eVisas are valid for up to 60 days and allow multiple entries. However, you should keep in mind that the eVisa is only valid for entry to these specific points of entry and not for all others. To learn more, read on.

eVisa for Russia & Singapore citizens is now available online. You will need your passport scan copy or a copy of your Visiting Card. If you are traveling with a medical condition, you will need a letter from your doctor to verify that you need to enter India for treatment. If you’re a Singapore citizen, you’ll need a letter from your hospital confirming that you need a medical permit to visit India.

Documents required

The Indian Government has introduced electronic India Visa for Singapore citizens since 2014. This allows foreign nationals to visit India and travel within the country without the hassle of a paper-based visa application. Singapore citizens can obtain this visa by visiting the government’s official website. Singapore e-Visa permits Singapore residents to visit India and travel within the country. However, it is still necessary to submit all the required documents for this visa.

One of the primary differences between a traditional visa application and the eVisa process is that the former is faster and less cumbersome. Russian citizens need to submit a valid passport in order to apply for an Indian visa. A recent digital photograph of the applicant, which does not feature facial expressions and has a white background, must be uploaded. Another document required for the eVisa application is a copy of the information page of the passport.


Russian and Singapore citizens can get a valid Indian visa online. They must apply at least five business days before their planned date of travel. In addition to a valid passport, Russian citizens will need to provide additional information to support their identity and eligibility for the visa. This extra information can include a copy of their passport’s first page, all countries they have visited in the past 10 years, and whether they have any visible identification marks.

The validity of an Indian visa is based on the length of time you intend to stay in India. For example, if you had a six-month Indian visa, your stay would end on 30th June, so you would have to get a new passport. Each visa has different validity periods, so make sure to check each visa’s terms to be sure you can travel to India without any hassles.


In order to enter India, Russian and Singaporean citizens must get a visa. You can obtain an e-Visa from the Indian Embassy online. There are two types of e-Visas, Tourist and Business, and both allow you to enter the country legally. A Tourist e-Visa is valid for 90 days and is valid for one year. You will need to bring a photo and the information page from your passport when you apply for your visa.

For Russian and Singapore citizens, the cost of a regular Indian visa is $175. If you hold a regular Indian passport, this cost will be waived. For Singapore citizens, the cost of an e-Visa is $180. The convenience fee is waived. In addition, you do not need to visit the Indian Embassy or Consulate to apply. You will receive an e-Visa through the email. The e-Visa will allow you to travel anywhere in India.

CIBTvisas introduces new service to procure Indian eVisa

CIBTvisas has introduced a new service for procuring an Indian eVisa for Russian and other nationals. It provides comprehensive information on the requirements for an Indian eVisa, including eligibility requirements, fees, and more. CIBTvisas also explains the advantages of procuring a Russian eVisa.

The fee to obtain an Indian eVisa for Russian and other nationalities is relatively low. All you need is a Singapore passport that is valid for at least six months after your intended date of travel. After completing the application process, you can pay at the Indian Embassy in Singapore or at a designated service center (which may be a travel agency). Make sure to retain a soft or printed copy of your eVisa as proof of your travel documents.

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