Major Corporate festival – Diwali


Diwali is one of the major festivals because of the very common reason i.e. everyone is aware of various religions in India and Diwali is the festival which is celebrated by most of the majority communities like Sikhs, Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists because of Jain Diwali, Bandi Chor Diwas, Tihar, Swati, Sohrai, and Bandna. The major festival of India will be the major festival of corporate life.

As in Corporates, there are people from several parts of the country incorporated in a single Organisation. The Festival usually continues for 5 days with lots of joy and happiness, celebrated between mid of October and mid of November.

Festival of Lights

Diwali is called the festival of lights as people light up their houses with candles, Diyas, Lights, and more kinds of stuff like that, and Lakshmi puja is the major part of the great festival. In earlier times it was considered that if people keep their doors open then Goddess Lakshmi will come to their houses and shower her blessings.

This festival is simply symbolic of the victory of light over dark i.e. victory of good deeds over bad ones. Moreover, Corporate life is the busiest of all in today’s scenario but still, the most enjoyable festival for any corporate is Diwali it may be due to a long vacation or may be due to grand Diwali parties in the office premises and creating Corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees, not only the gifts and wishes but the love and care you share amongst your office mates is best out of everything, you choose those officials as your chosen family.

Why is the Diwali Festival considered important in Corporate?

Coming towards the busiest schedules i.e. Corporate field, every festival is exciting for any common individual but when it comes to corporate life there are limited festivals on which you get off, but Diwali is that major festival on which you get a long break from all the stress, all the busy schedules and most importantly you get a valuable time with your dear and near ones.

The days you get off are different from the day you have an Office Diwali party, that day becomes the most valuable part of your life as you exchange gifts, wishes instead of files, and stressful talks. Not only this you get to know the different faces of your office, how you created a family amongst all different working individuals and you get to know the loved face even of the most irritating teammate.

How does this festival help in building boss-employee relationships?

Every person today is busy in their particular schedules differently and so are the bosses and employees in the same organization. No person can target and justify anyone’s schedule, but this relationship i.e. boss-employee relationship continues to be the rigid strict relation. but here when it is the time of the most famous festival everything seems to be changed as there is just one relationship left that is of love and respect amongst the senior and a junior employee.

This again not only helps you build a good professional relationship but sometimes officials become your chosen family which last forever but with a good gap between personal and professional life so that they go parallelly but never exploit each other.

Last Note

In the end, the Festival of lights is considered the most important festival amongst all in every sector. Reasons for the importance may differ for different individuals and different organizations. Diwali brings a lot of happiness to your family and most importantly when your dear ones and you have complications due to lack of communication because of busy schedules, all those complications get clear when you spend such long weekends.

Both personal and professional life come on track parallelly. not only your family but the family of officials you choose makes you a better person both in the office premises as well as on personal quora. The coming Diwali Festival may bring you more joy and happiness than last time, try making good memories every day with the love and care you expect and give to other individuals through festival meetups, casual meetups, birthday meetups, and a lot more things.

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