At a certain point in time, people experience issues with their boiler. It’s a disturbing situation when one of the components of the boiler or many other components fails to perform. Then a person looks for repairs or replacement that takes a lot of time. Many people are not aware of the failure (s) and end up with severe damage to the boiler system. Hence, in this post, you will learn about some common issues that occur in boiler controls

1: Leaking & Dripping

Whenever you feel the excess of water is surrounded around the boiler tank. Then there are huge chances of leaking and dripping. It’s one of the most common problems. It happens because, over time, the boiler system gets old and it starts accumulating rust, and components begin functioning poorly. Hence, it’s time to contact the local heating professional to discover where the issue is coming from. 

2: Noise Inside a Pipe

If you have heard the voice of a tea kettle, then you can easily recognize the same voice in the boiler. However, the noise will come when there is some sort of disturbance in pipes. With time, the heat exchanger has a deposit build-up. It’s due to the long-term usage of the water. Therefore, it’s a regular issue that requires maintenance at a consistent time interval. If not done, the flow of water will get restricted and result in intense heating.  

3: Pilot Light Turning Off

Do you know the boiler has a blue flame that lit the system and keeps it running? When there is an issue in the blue flame, then there will be some problems and difficulties that will exist sooner or later. Thus, you need to reignite the flame to check the boiler is receiving the gas. In case the system has not received it, then there are higher chances that the gas is turned off. There could be chances of gas leakage that need to be corrected by the boiler heating engineer.

4: Condensate Pipe is Frozen

Today’s boilers are condensing boilers. Here, the boilers have condensate pipes that eliminate the waste gas created by them. During cold weather, the condensation can be higher, which leads to freezing of the pipe. The water freezes and ends with a blockage. Hence, experts will come to resolve the condensate pipe. 

5:Thermostat is Inaccurate

The boiler’s thermostat is an essential component to maintain a suitable temperature for the hot ware. When it’s not working adequately, then the temperature of the hot water will either be too hot or too cold. Make sure to avoid fixing the issue yourself as there is the involvement of wires. 

6:Irregular Hot Water and Heating

When the water is not heating, then the boiler part(S) malfunctions. Hence, you will not have warm water in the cold season. When internal components are failed, then the first thing which is usually affected is the water. The ultimate function of the boiler is to deliver warm water, and when this is not hap[pening then surely there is something wrong with your boiler components. 

Above are some common issues that show up over time. However, make sure you are not neglecting the problems; otherwise, the explosion can take place.

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