Vape Cartridges
Vape Cartridges

Packaging Demands of Vape Cartridges

The popularity of vapes, electronic cigarettes- is amplifying tremendously. These cartridges consist of the usual nicotine and certain other chemical but are usually flavored. Instead of smoking, it creates vapors that are inhaled by the user. The vapors are highly addicting and are usually used by the younger generation. With the target market in mind, businesses devise tactics of packaging to pique their interest and sell their brand. With the ever-increasing demand for vapes, inventive ways of their cartridges are available. Since the vape is battery-powered, it falls under the category of fragile items. For this reason, these cartridges demand safe packaging to inhibit any damages to the actual product. Vape Cartridge Packaging should follow strict rules of packaging to ensure a quality product reaches the end customer.

Competitive packaging 

Since the target market for vapes is usually the younger generations, the expectations for the packaging are increasing. In contrast to the other age ranges, this generation prefers the product by the quality of the packaging. In this way, the packaging of vape boxes is known to set the benchmark for the standard of the packaging inside. The clients are not impressed unless the box is innovatively designed giving an overall classy look. The main reason for this is that vapes are used more like a trend. Thus, the boxes are to be designed in such a way that they are successful in piquing the interest of the customers and maintaining it. If the vape boxes surpass the demands of design and overall look, the vape sells otherwise the volume of sales plummet. In short, the packaging industry surrounding vapes is highly competitive. The packaging problems should be addressed seriously and innovatively to fabricate aesthetically pleasing and functional packaging. 

Quality and durability of the boxes

Perhaps one of the most significant demands of this industry is the quality of the boxes being used. It is common knowledge that vape cartridges are fragile. The packaging of the vape consists of two layers. The inner packaging and the exterior one. A popular material for interior wrapping is LDPE and PET plastics. There exists flexibility in choosing the colors of the boxes but the opacity is usually kept high. Despite this, the bottles may vary from fully opaque to translucent. The chief reason for the usage of these materials is the properties they render in safeguarding the vape inside. Not only do they aid easy usage but protect the vape from external damages too. Thus, they render protection against moisture and thermal changes to a certain extent. The unifying property of these materials is the sturdiness they exhibit. The bottles made from these provide a barrier between the inner environment and the atmosphere. In this way, the vape is kept safe within the bottles and any type of leakage is prevented. 

Effect of customization on the users

Customization of the packaging of vape cartridges plays a significant role due to the prevailing diversity in the packaging demands. From the design to the material choices, and the printing, vape boxes can be customized in a variety of ways. The packaging industry develops the box in such a way that it fascinates the viewer. Design strategies are applied per the design principles. These include balance, contrast, emphasis, proportion, dynamism, and intelligent use of negative and positive spaces. The use of these principles guarantees the fabrication of an appealing design. The reasoning behind this is that the boxes appeal to human cognition, impacting the viewer’s brain unconsciously and consciously. As a result, they are convincing to buy the vape cartridge boxes. 

Apart from the designing, the printing and laminations play an important role within the packaging. This is because they tend to add that extra end layer to the product, thus ensuring its appeal to the customers.

Packaging is successful in engaging the customers

If the packaging for vape cartridges is successful in stimulating the interest of the users, it is a success in the industry. Apart from the design strategies mentioned above, one other strategy to make boxing engaging is to incorporate innovative graphics and typography on the box. The labeling of the vape boxes is to be done in such a way that it is both readable and informative. Although this constitutes an insignificant part of the whole packaging, it still matters and cannot be ignored. In the packaging industry, the packaging is known to be eighty cents on a dollar. This means that eighty percent of the packaging decision relies upon the packaging rather than the product. For this reason, fabricating impactful packaging is an essential part of any brand. The vape cartridge industry is no exception. understands the delicacies of packaging involved thereby incorporating all the required strategies in the vape boxes.

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