No matter whether it is medical expenses or lost wages that need compensation, having a Personal injury lawyer Los Angeles on your side can make all the difference. Their work typically involves filing legal documents, collecting evidence, and negotiating with insurance providers on your behalf.

Complex cases involving wrongful death, property damage and injuries causing permanent or partial disability require extensive investigations as well as expert witness testimony.

Braff Law Firm

Personal injury lawsuits are civil actions brought to recover losses caused by another party’s negligent behavior, and may include medical bills, lost wages and permanent impairment. No matter the cause, it is crucial that a claim be filed quickly in order to safeguard your rights and avoid losing them forever.

An auto accident attorney can be invaluable in the aftermath of a serious car crash, providing guidance through the process and making sure you receive compensation for all losses incurred as well as helping with dealing with insurance company tactics that might otherwise hinder recovery.

The Braff Law Firm represents injured clients throughout Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Their attorneys specialize in personal injury cases relating to spinal cord injuries, burns, traumatic brain injuries as well as representing victims of wrongful death or nursing home abuse. Their track record includes numerous settlements and verdict wins that speak for themselves.

Eldessouky Law

Mohamed Eldessouky founded this firm, and it quickly earned a stellar reputation for providing top-tier legal advice in an inviting, comfortable atmosphere. Their focus on client satisfaction ensures they always prioritize client needs over their own. Their team has extensive experience handling personal injury cases on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Experienced in representing clients from diverse backgrounds, they are committed to their clients’ best interests and work tirelessly on securing compensation they are due. Collectively their legal team boasts 85 years of experience and have won millions for clients over time.

Eldessouky Law’s mission is to provide outstanding legal representation to individuals facing complex employment law matters and serious injuries from accidents. Their attorneys specialize in employment discrimination, hostile work environments, retaliation, wrongful terminations wage claims as well as negligence cases resulting in injury. Their bilingual attorneys possess extensive litigation experience within California courts. Eldessouky Law boasts offices in Anaheim, Long Beach and Orange County in California serving both English- and Spanish-speaking clients alike.

JT Legal Group

This firm boasts an outstanding track record and is known for aggressively representing its clients. Their attorneys boast combined experience of 85+ years, recovering over $2 billion for clients. Their legal experts specialize in personal injury law and can help ensure you receive compensation that you are due.

At this company, they provide free consultations to new clients with no upfront fees. At these sessions, a lawyer will assess your case to see whether there are valid claims that should be pursued against third-parties, including car accidents, wrongful deaths and medical malpractice cases.

JT Legal Group, APC has an impressive client roster and an award-winning record, boasting numerous satisfied clients as well as award wins from prominent legal organizations. Jack Ter-Saakyan founded JT Legal Group APC after graduating with an undergraduate degree in American Studies with a minor in Chicano Studies from UC Davis in 2009; then attended People College of Law to graduate law school later on that same year.

Sarajian Law Firm

Sarajian Law Firm provides personal injury representation in North Hollywood and the surrounding area, specializing in personal injury and workers’ compensation claims as well as product liability cases such as talcum powder lawsuits. Furthermore, their team also handles employment law matters.

Attorneys at this firm boast extensive courtroom experience and can effectively handle high-profile personal injury cases in all Southern California counties. They possess expert skills at taking depositions, making court appearances, negotiating with insurance companies, taking depositions at deposition hearings and taking depositions at trial – as well as possessing in-depth knowledge of Colossus medical billing system as well as CPT and ICD-9 codes.

To become an attorney at this law firm, one must possess both a bachelor’s degree and pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Most positions at the firm require at least this minimum requirement while paralegals and legal assistants often have less stringent criteria. Attorneys at this law firm are paid according to how much settlements or verdicts they achieve for their clients.

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