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Pre-employment Medical Screening: Types and Benefits

Pre-employment medical screenings are generally the final leg of hiring at a workplace that requires the same. It encompasses a whole range of tests and is often beneficial both to the employer and the potential employee. It is deemed vital at certain workplaces to priorities mental and physical soundness. 

However, pre-employment medical in Darwin can be pretty daunting for most, given that it requires people to disclose highly personal medical information. Nevertheless, there are no risks associated with it. 

Let’s take a closer look at what the other pre-employment screenings are, along with their benefits.

Types of pre-employment medical screening

Darwin’s employment rate has consistently remained over 95% over the last few years. And a whole bunch of these have required people to undergo a pre-employment screening. There are primarily four types of pre-employment medical screening categories in Darwin. Read more on them below.

General pre-employment physical exam

This pre-employment physical comprises basic examinations such as determining the employee’s body weight, blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and other vital indicators. In addition, a nurse or physician may assess the candidate’s cardiovascular and respiratory health, eyesight, hearing, range of motion, and reflexes.

In addition, the doctor may enquire about the candidate’s capacity to deal with stress, mood or behavioural changes, and any medication or treatment they may be on.

Physical ability

A physical exam that assesses stamina and physical abilities is a vital requirement for a profession that demands the candidate to undertake hard labour or frequent lifting.

This exam assesses a candidate’s:

  • Behaviour under physical pressure
  • Balance
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Flexibility
  • Muscular tension
  • Power

Drug screening

Various workplaces need candidates to undergo drug tests to be considered for employment. This might include any or all of the following tests: 

  • Urine drug test 
  • Hair drug test
  • Alcohol test
  • Saliva drug test
  • Sweat drug test   

These professions require drug and alcohol testing if the candidate’s extremely high-risk duties. 

Psychological evaluation

This exam assesses a candidate’s psychological well-being. The medical personnel runs several tests and poses questions during a psychological examination to determine the candidate’s capacity to handle on-the-job stress.

Moreover, the healthcare provider may enquire about the individual’s history of depression or other mood disorders and the coping skills they utilise to deal with stress.

Benefits of pre-employment medical screening

The workplace is meant to get the most out of each individual. However, unwell and unfit candidates can demotivate and transmit the sickness to others. In addition, employee medical expenditures can also have a financial effect. Therefore, there are several advantages to conducting pre-employment medical evaluations.

  • An employer can reduce medical reimbursement expenses.
  • Employees are sometimes unaware that they have a sickness. A pre-employment medical health screening can help avoid an outbreak if the disease is contagious.
  • Organisations can conveniently maintain all workers’ health data with pre-employment checks.
  • Screenings guarantee that new hires are free of illnesses, reducing harmful effects on productivity.

Final words

Screenings for pre-employment medical in Darwin can be highly beneficial and are already a must in many workplaces. Being able to undertake physical, psychological and drug tests, as well as regular health exams, is rather productive.

Not only do they help prevent outbreaks, but they can also help the candidate seek help. Further, they contribute to workplace productivity too. The ordeal will be less intimidating now that these advantages have been established.

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