Rapper – DD Osama

DD Osama, a young rapper making waves in the music industry. His collaborations include Coi Leray, Lil Mabu and NLE Choppa; while singles like ’40s N 9s’ pay tribute to Notti Osama whom passed away.

David Reyes, known by his stage name DD Osama, is an American rapper and social media influencer best known for his songs Without You, Dead Opps, 40s N 9 and many others. His life experiences have inspired powerful songs that touch listeners deeply.

DD Osama’s music is influenced by drill rap

David Reyes, better known by his stage name DD Osama, is a New York-based rapper influenced by drill rap music – an aggressive form of hip hop which features fast flows and punchy lyrics – his initial singles including “40s N 9s” and “Dead Opps” have already earned millions of views online.

Following his brother Notti Osama’s passing, DD Osama quickly made waves in New York’s drill scene with songs filled with grief and anger that quickly garnered a strong following.

DD Osama age has collaborated with artists such as Coi Leray, NLE Choppa, and Lil Mabu; performing sold-out shows packed full of screaming fans. Alongside his musical achievements and live shows, Osama also uses social media accounts such as Instagram (1 million+), Twitter (100,00), and TikTok (1M+).

He is a member of the Notti World collective

DD Osama is an up-and-coming rapper who has collaborated with numerous artists. His songs boast vicious, deadly bars that hit quickly. Lil Durk, Polo G and Spanish music have been some of the primary sources of influence on his sound; creating an uproar around it all at an unprecedented rate! Osama is steadily building momentum within hip hop music by working towards reaching milestones along his musical journey.

Harlem-born DD Osama was known for his impressive drill scene presence; his music focused on New York gang rivalries. Following Notti’s murder, 14-year-old rapper DD Osama continued making music that focused on these conflicts between New York gangs.

Notti Osama’s death sent shockwaves through the drill scene and was an awakening for other young rappers. Additionally, this murder has raised several questions regarding New York City gangs; his story serves as a reminder that dedication and passion can lead to success in music at any age.

He has collaborated with Drake and Lil Durk

DD Osama (real name David DeShaun Reyes), has made waves in Harlem rap music scene by becoming regional and national superstar DD Osama has found great success since emerging 16 years ago with music that both speaks from his life experiences while demonstrating his natural talent. Working alongside notable artists like Drake and Lil Durk.

He has also become well-known on TikTok, becoming a viral sensation with a dance known as the Notti Dance. Since then he has released various singles including Upnow track featuring Coi Leray. It features classic drill beats and high quality visuals which has proven an instantaneous hit among followers.

DD Osama has overcome tragedy to pursue his dream of becoming a professional rapper. His song Letter 2 Notti pays a moving tribute to his late brother while simultaneously showing his dedication to music – making him one of hip-hop’s hottest rising stars and setting an impressive example for others to follow in pursuing their own goals and following their passions. This inspiring rapper stands as an inspirational reminder that triumph over hardship can bring success!

He has released several singles

Before becoming the go-to drill rapper in all five boroughs, DD Osama was only known for delivering occasional disses against other drill artists. That changed when his younger brother Notti was violently murdered at a subway station near him; this tragedy sent shockwaves through New York’s drill scene and propelled DD Osama into national fame.

Though still just 16 years old, 16-year-old emcee Jade King has emerged as one of New York City’s most impressive lyricists. His versatility allows him to carve out a niche within his microgenre; while many peers can only offer aggressive or screaming deliveries of classic NYC drill, Jade can deliver subdued dialogue or even sing his lines!

Here 2 Stay is Notti Osama’s debut project and features several high-caliber collaborators such as Coi Leray, Rylo Rodriguez, HoodStarDotty and Lil Zay Osama. Additionally, songs such as “40s N 9s” and “Letter 2 Notti” honor his memory by speaking out on behalf of his community.


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