It does not provide enterprise data protection:

WhatsApp accesses and stores employees’ address books, which contain sensitive corporate and customer information. While the app has announced improved encryption, it does not currently offer enterprise-grade encryption. Furthermore, free services like WhatsApp rely on user data to make a living. Given that it has stated that it will generate revenue from businesses by allowing them to communicate with customers, it is critical to understand that such a business model necessitates knowledge of your users and is incompatible with minimal use of personal data, general data reduction, and strong data protection.

WhatsApp is a cloud service based in the USA:

Cloud services based or hosted in the United States cannot provide the comprehensive data protection required by businesses, their employees, and customers due to the country’s lax data protection laws and widespread surveillance.

It mixes private and business communication:

First, a dedicated enterprise messaging app allows for faster access and a better overview of everything relevant to internal communication, increasing productivity.

Second, confidential business content is protected in enterprise messaging apps because it can only be shared with colleagues and is controlled by enterprise IT.

Third, a professional messaging tool improves employee motivation and satisfaction because people value the separation of private and business communication.

It does not support enterprise file sharing solutions:

Businesses frequently use enterprise-grade file sharing solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint, Box, Business Connector, and others, none of which are supported by WhatsApp. “Because file sharing with colleagues and teams is a common use case, employees should be able to share documents directly from their file sharing solution through the enterprise messaging app.”

Still having to manage the tasks:

To effectively complete projects, tasks and deadlines must be clear and concise. “While group chat is a great place to openly discuss new ideas and innovative solutions, it will not get you to the finished product. WhatsApp does not allow you to organize actionable to-dos required to get the job done without task management.”

Lack of transparency:

Anyone can form groups, and anyone can send private messages to anyone else. “This is not an ideal situation if the organization within your business needs to remain as transparent as possible to those at the top. Multiple groups and side groups can lead to a lack of knowledge and clarity, making it difficult for managers to understand what is really going on,”

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