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Investing in real estate is one of the most brilliant things. It secures your financial future and provides a stable return on investment. It is essential to do your due diligence before investing in any property. Ngong, as one of the prime real estate investment locations within the Nairobi Metropolitan, attracts homebuyers. But which real estate developer should you trust with your investment? We have compiled some of the best in this article based on our research. Please note; that this is an endorsement of any kind. Always conduct your due diligence before working with any real estate company.

Username Investment Limited

Username is the fastest growing real estate company in the country. The company is well known for its affordable prime plots near Ngong area especially around Kimuka centre just less than 10km from Ngong town. The agency has been in operation for the last nine years settling both Kenya residents and Diaspora clients.

This company has the best customer service experience as shown by statistics through feedback given by clients who have invested in them. Their projects are always located in ideal places strategically near amenities that matter helping their clients realize quick return for their investment. They guarantee clean title deeds as they conduct property search with due diligence before involving clients to buy from them.

Revo House Ltd

The real estate industry in Kenya is plagued with inefficiencies that lead to high prices and long wait times. That necessitated the need for a realtor that believes in revolutionizing the real estate industry to make quality homeownership more affordable and more accessible than ever. Here comes Revo House Ltd – a subsidiary company of Axel Engineering Ltd, a company that has been involved with diverse projects in engineering, steel structures fabrication/erection, and construction for over 15 years. With Revo House Ltd, you can expect world-class standards at a competitive price. Our flexible payment plans make it easy to own the right property for you.

Cheriez Properties

Cheriez Properties Ltd was founded in 2009 by Mrs. Leah Wambui – C.E.O- from a deeper need for superior design and quality in the real estate space. The name is derived from the French word cherie meaning “Dear one,” thus defining their culture as a business. The company is among the leading property developers in Kenya and a member of the Kenya Property Developer Association (KPDA). Since its inception, the company has strived to redefine and reclaim excellence in the real estate industry by blurring the line between home and play.

Cherd Africa

Cherd Africa is a real estate company established in 2013, offering residential houses for sale in secure, serene, and gated community environments to customers. The company gives the best in the market at affordable prices. It’s determined to explore different opportunities that provide great value to its clients and be able to grow and improve in the coming years.

Superior Homes

Superior Homes Kenya PLC is a family-owned real estate development company registered in 2004. The company takes pride in being the pioneers of the open-plan gated community concept in the region, now recognized as the future for sustainable living in East Africa. Superior Homes plans to diversify into hospitality and leisure by offering holidays at its three sites while continuing to develop beautiful houses within unique environments.

For those looking to invest in land, the outlook for the land sector is neutral, with a bias to positively supported by the high demand for development land boosted by affordability in satellite towns, availability of development land, and the improving infrastructure.

Choose among the best real estate company that is trusted in selling land in Ngong and its environs is the beginning of success as you will be guaranteed of getting your land title deed.

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