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Things to consider before putting your house up for sale

All property experts including Notting Hill estate agents, believe that presenting your home in the best possible light is essential when it comes time to sell. This is the procedure.

  1. Impress at first sight

Everything is based on first impressions. Replace the worn-out doormat and hire a professional to clean the windows so that potential buyers won’t be turned off before they even enter the house. The key is kerb appeal.

  1. Detail-oriented

Do a thorough spring cleaning and pay attention to the areas you might ordinarily overlook. You don’t want potential buyers to look up at the ceiling and notice a gathering of cobwebs because they arrive with a critical eye and will inspect a room from wall to wall.

  1. Maintenance

Any DIY will likely turn off some consumers. Check your home quickly for maintenance issues and pull the toolbox out. Is there a door handle that needs to be tightened or any bulbs that need to be changed? These small repairs and upkeep will reflect when you opt for property valuation in Notting Hill. A well maintained home means higher value for your property. 

  1. Pets

Send your dog to the dog groomer for a thorough cleaning if you have one. For some people, the smell of pets in a home might be a major turnoff. It’s a good idea to wash the dog’s bedding as well.

  1. Organise

You must assist potential buyers in picturing their furniture and family photos in their new homes. A room can appear smaller if it is overcrowded, has mismatched furniture, or has an abundance of personal items. Prospective buyers frequently look inside cabinets; if they’re stuffed, take them out and discard everything you don’t need, or pack your belongings in a bag for a few weeks. The plastic toys that can take up so much room should be hidden. It’s important to show that your house has enough storage.

  1. Character maintenance

Remember not to completely eliminate character while decluttering; a few tasteful colour accents and carefully chosen soft furnishings may add style and personality to a space. It’s helpful to keep in mind the reasons you fell in love with your house when you first bought it.

  1. A setting for daily life

Some purchasers are just as interested in a way of life as a house. People can see themselves living in your house if you set the table with a basic white dinner set and some elegant napkins, for instance. Prior to a viewing, get a weekly flower delivery and, if the weather permits, open the windows to give the space a “fresh” sense.

  1. Bathrooms

The restroom can provide another fast victory. Remove any limescale that may have accumulated in the shower before a buyer checks the water pressure; it’s a simple task but may make a significant difference.

9. Additional room

Without having to spend money on structural improvements, showing buyers how to make more room can be a useful approach to show them how your property might work for them. Look into the choices and indicate what might be done.

  1. Upkeep of gardens

The garden may be considered the home’s most significant space. Plant some cheap, vibrant flowers, trim back any trees and bushes, clean up the outdoor furniture, hide the kids’ plastic toys, and mow the lawn.

Raising the value of your house

If you’re contemplating about moving in the upcoming months or years, here are five long-term considerations:

  1. Central heat

Your home’s purchasing price can increase if you install full gas or oil heating.

  1. Dual-pane windows

In addition to being much more energy efficient than conventional window fixtures, double-glazed windows also block out noise and require less upkeep. Before installing UPVC, be sure to take the age of the structure into account. In some older homes, keeping the original windows can increase the value of the property.

  1. Equipment

Since kitchens are a major selling point for so many buyers, investing in new appliances now can pay off later. Appliances that look well and function well are always a good choice.

  1. Ensuite

A typical four-bedroom home with an en suite for the master bedroom is worth £10,000 more than a comparable property without one, according to research from Channel 4 Homes.

  1. Property Extension

Although it is one of the more expensive choices, it can provide the best financial return. Up to 23% more value can be added to your home through an addition or loft conversion. Be sure to always obtain planning authorization from your local government before beginning this type of work. You will then need building regulation approval.

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