Top Advantages of the LoranoCarter+Morton Integrated Land Management System

In the world of oil and gas, land management systems play a vital role in tracking lease information, ownership and permits. They also help manage surface and mineral tract data and record well information.

Using land management software, organizations can automate processes and streamline tasks that are typically time-consuming and manual. This results in increased efficiency and productivity.

1. Automated Reporting

The LoranoCarter+Morton Integrated Land Management System is designed to meet the needs of oil & gas companies that need a modern, efficient system for managing and optimizing their land portfolios. It features streamlined lease acquisitions, automated recommendation processes, and one-click data analysis.

Automated reporting systems serve up visual KPI metrics that help users leverage real-time data for improved decision making and enhanced business intelligence. They are a smart alternative to cumbersome manual reporting tools that return information that is harder to interpret and often inaccurate.

Time & cost savings: Automated reports can save you colossal amounts of time on tracking and updating critical data and information. They also make it easier to monitor data and trends in real-time so that you can take action as soon as something appears that requires attention.

Accessibility, transparency & productivity: Automated reports are easy to share with all key players and give them the information they need to perform their roles more efficiently and effectively. This helps to keep people connected and collaborative within the organization, which can lead to increased creative output.

Improved compliance: Automated reports also enable organizations to stay on the right side of regulations and policies in today’s highly informational and data-driven world. They can alert users when there are issues involving legal compliance, such as if there’s been a violation of the EPA’s Clean Air Act.

Lastly, they can be used to generate maps for environmental or other purposes, including evaluating land usage patterns and protecting sensitive habitats from environmental threats.

When assessing land management software, it’s important to consider a vendor’s experience and track record in the industry. It’s also a good idea to talk to references and check out costs.

2. Integrations

A properly integrated land management system can go a long way towards reducing operational costs and time to market. In particular, it will make your crew more efficient and help you better understand what they are doing so you can take a more holistic approach to executing your oil and gas business. It also helps ensure that you have the right information to make informed decisions, thereby ensuring that your bottom line stays healthy and your business is in good hands. For example, the LoranoCarter+Morton Integrated Land Management System has a robust suite of data management tools that includes an intelligent scouting platform, a smart field office software solution that enables your team to perform real-time analysis of field performance and operational trends, and a centralized repository for the collection and storage of geoscience data that is accessible at any time and from anywhere in the world.

3. Customization

One of the most exciting parts of using a top-notch land management system is the ability to customize it to your needs. From the ability to set up permissions by module, to a customizable dashboard of data that displays on your desktop of choice, you have full control over the data you want to see and how it gets there. For instance, you can decide whether you want to view the data on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Likewise, you can set up a workflow that allows you to prioritize the data in the most effective way possible. The end result is a system that delivers the best outcomes for your company, your clients, and your shareholders. Lastly, you can use it as the platform to connect your people and processes to create a more unified team, all while driving productivity to new heights.

4. Ease of Use

The LoranoCarter+Morton Integrated Land Management System is a great option for those seeking to reduce the workload of land management. The software is easy to use and allows you to quickly generate reports that can be saved as PDF or Excel files. The solution also includes mapping features, which are very helpful for displaying data on the map.

This software provides the ability to track leases, ownership, and permits. It also allows you to manage surface and mineral tracts and record well information. This software can be an incredible asset to any oil and gas company or land brokerage firm looking to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

In addition, this software also offers the capability to create custom agreements for your company. These agreements can include a variety of things, such as oil and gas leases, permits, right of way agreements, road usage agreements, saltwater disposal, and more.

Another advantage of the LoranoCarter+Morton system is that it provides a single user interface for managing all of your shipping and land data sources. It also helps you to streamline your operations with tools like automated cargo tracking and crew assignments.

With the ability to automatically generate a new map each day, this solution has become popular among oil and gas companies. They also offer the ability to import federal, state, and county data.

If you’re looking for a software that’s more advanced than the LoranoCarter+Morton, we recommend checking out Landdox (which was recently acquired by Quorum). This software has a lot of cool features and it’s a great option for tech-forward companies looking to build out their own workflows. They also have a secure API and developer toolkit that provides painless integrations to other systems, databases, and maps.

5. Customization

The LoranoCarter+Morton Integrated Land Management System offers a variety of features that can be customized to meet your specific business needs. This includes the ability to customize reports, integrate with other systems and automate data conversions. The software also allows you to manage a variety of different documents such as leases, permits and agreements.

One of the most popular features of the LoranoCarter+Morton solution is its customizable document workflows. This allows you to create and store a variety of document types including oil and gas leases, permits, right of way and agreements. These documents can be generated and printed in bulk or individually.

Another feature of the LoranoCarter+Morton platform is its ability to automatically update maps. This makes it easy for landmen and permit agents to enter data in the field and have the system dynamically update GIS maps with new information as it is entered. This helps reduce the time it takes to provide answers to management.

Other features of the LoranoCarter+Morton software include automated reporting and an easy-to-use interface. The system is user-friendly and a great choice for companies looking to modernize their land management processes. It is also compatible with a wide range of different systems, including Microsoft and SAP.

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