Turkey Visa For Chinese & Canadian Citizens

The first step in getting a Turkey Visa for Chinese Citizens or Turkey Visa for Canadian Citizens is to make sure you have a valid passport. In addition to your passport, you’ll need to show proof of your COVID-19 immunity and a PCR test. If you have a COVID immunity certificate from the US, this should suffice. Depending on your nationality, proof of vaccination may be easier to obtain if it’s only a few days old.

Travel to Turkey with a valid passport

To travel to Turkey with a valid passport, Chinese and Canadian citizens must possess a valid travel document. They must have a passport valid for at least six months beyond their planned stay. In addition, Canadian citizens must obtain the appropriate Visa for their travel. This Visa is valid for tourism and business purposes only and may be obtained online. The Turkish eVisa is a great option for Canadian citizens who want to travel to Turkey without a traditional visa.

Turkish citizens must hold a valid passport if they plan to visit Turkiye. It must have an expiration date 60 days after the “duration of stay” and should have at least six months validity. Chinese & Canadian citizens must also obtain a residence permit while in Turkiye. Foreign diplomats and officials with diplomatic passports are exempted from these requirements.

Apply for a multi-entry eVisa

You will need a valid passport if you are a Chinese citizen or a Canadian citizen traveling to Turkey. If you hold dual citizenship, you must bring your Chinese passport along. If you need to get a replacement passport, you must apply for an e-Visa. Make sure you double-check your answers, as you cannot make changes after you submit your application.

To apply for an e-visa for Turkish citizens, you must have a valid passport from one of the eligible countries. You can apply for a visa online from the Turkish consulate or embassy nearest to your home country. After logging into the website, complete the e-Visa application form. Select the country and the type of travel document. If you are a Canadian or Chinese citizen, select the country of origin. The fee for the e-visa will vary depending on your nationality.

You can use your smartphone to apply for a Turkish eVisa. The entire process is 100% online. You fill out an application form on your mobile device, submit your passport information, and then wait for your approval. Most Chinese travelers receive their approved visa within 24 hours. If you’re traveling on a tight schedule, you may want to choose a priority service for faster processing. In either case, you’ll want to print your visa before departing for your trip.

Avoid photographing military or public installations in Turkey

Be aware of the rules regarding photography in Turkey. Some locations are forbidden to take photos. Also, cameras may be confiscated if you photograph public demonstrations or security forces. Also, avoid taking photos of antiquities or religious symbols of national importance. Taking pictures of these sites can result in detention or even prosecution. Also, religious proselytizing in Turkey is not illegal, but some activities may be. Avoid creating a public buzz with your photographs on social media to avoid a repercussion.

Taking photos at military installations is not illegal, but it’s crucial to be respectful of the surroundings. The military personnel may confiscate film or digital cards if they find them suspicious or contain classified items that could harm the United States. To avoid such a situation, take photos of buildings and fences, but don’t attempt to take photos through a gate. Usually, you’ll be granted access to military installations, but always be sure to show photo identification for everyone in your group.

PCR test is not required for Turkish citizens with a certificate of COVID-19 immunity

Depending on the country of travel, a PCR test is not required for Turkish citizens if they already have a COVID-19 immunity certificate. Testing is available at most international airports in Turkey. However, daily capacity limits may limit testing availability at airports. For example, Turkey does not impose a quarantine requirement on international travelers, which can make getting a PCR test difficult.

According to a circular by the Turkish Ministry of Interior, those with a COVID-19 immunity certificate will not need to get a PCR test. Turkish citizens who have COVID immunity certificates can fly domestically without having a PCR test. Unvaccinated passengers will need to submit a COVID 19 immunity certificate no less than 48 hours prior to travel or they will not be permitted to fly.

If the PCR test is positive, the passenger must have completed a period of quarantine and a certificate of risk-free status. In addition, a vaccination certificate must be obtained fourteen days before travel. It should state a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Regardless of when the vaccination was obtained, the PCR test should show a COVID-19 antibody.

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