The Fire and Rescue Services responded to 154,700 fires between April 2014 and March 2015. This may appear to be a huge number, but it is the lowest level ever recorded. Even while this number is encouraging, fires still cause significant damage to homes and businesses. Let’s take a look at fire safety in the workplace and why fire shutters are indeed the best defense against flames spreading throughout a structure. As a company A1S Group strives to provide industry leading product performance and customer service for fire shutters.


Fire shutters safeguard companies by delaying the spread of flames and lowering the overall damage of fire the case of a fire. They use compartmentalization, which is a technique for keeping a fire contained in a single location for just as long as possible. This gives Fire & Rescue teams the most time possible to contain and put out the fire.

Businesses frequently require fire shutters to comply with building codes and commercial risk assessments. Other advantages include a high degree of protection and the possibility of lower insurance prices.

Fire shutters can be utilized in any structure, but they’re especially useful in kitchens (especially those that employ deep-fat fryers), garages, and gas storage facilities.


Externally recognized fire ratings ensure the best possible fire safety requirements. Your fire shutter should be certified for up to 4 hours, which means it can survive a fire for that long. This is frequently stated in minutes, in either product description, or as ‘240’ in the product name. In the United Kingdom, fire shutters are evaluated for fire resistance and smoke control using British Standard BS EN 1634 -1, -2, -3.


To provide safety if electrical power is compromised by fire, electrically operated shutters should additionally include a manual operating function.

Fusible connections give an extra degree of security by causing the shutter to close automatically once it reaches a specified temperature.

Some fire shutters can be linked to a building’s fire alarm system, allowing the shutter to fall in a controlled way when an alert is triggered, regardless of whether or not a fire is present.


To ensure their safe functioning, all types of roller shutters should be included in a building maintenance plan. This is especially true with fire shutters, which are extremely important in the case of a fire. Along with frequent fire alarm testing and fire exit door checks, fire shutters should be inspected and maintained.

Secure and Safe Roller Shutters is the leading roller shutter and fire safety shutter producer and installation in North Wales and also the East of England. When you buy doors from our skilled team of manufacturers, you can expect high quality and a precise fit. Every door is custom-made to fit your opening perfectly, and they’re all fire-rated for optimal protection for your company. We also provide maintenance and repair services on a yearly or one-time basis. Please get in touch with our helpful staff right away.

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