Old Bed
Old Bed

What to Do with Your Old Bed?

The lifespan of an average mattress usually ranges between 5-10 years. So, if your mattress feels all old and saggy, and has spent all those years with you, know that it has reached its retirement. Not only does an old mattress significantly reduce the support it provides, but it also doubles in weight due to all that sweat, dust, and debris it collects over the years! Disgusting, isn’t it?

When getting a new mattress, you might be wondering what to do with your old one. What most people do here is that instead of calling Fairfield CA Trash Service, they let it lie in their homes gathering dust and dirt.

Of course, you can throw it away but we’ll keep that as our last resort option. You don’t always have to say a tearful goodbye to our faithful old mattress. There are several things you can do including upcycling it.

Sell it

If your mattress is in a reasonable condition and you’re looking to make some extra cash, consider selling it. Now, in such a case, you’ll have to have it professionally cleaned by a cleaning service. This can cost you around a hundred bucks depending upon the kind of service you opt for. Then, you can list your deep-cleaned mattress on many platforms including Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, etc.

Remember to mention all of its features including its firmness, how old it is, and what it cost you in the first place. Attach pictures to roll in the most bids. Now, obviously, you wouldn’t get anywhere close to its original price but it is always a good way to get in some extra bucks to chip into buying a new bed.

Give it Away for Free

One of the best ways to keep your old bed out of a landfill is to be generous and give it away for free. However, it needs to be in a usable condition. Look for recipients around you. Speak to your family, friends, co-workers, or just put up an ad on the community page. You’ll be surprised by the number of people looking to get a free mattress.

Apart from that, you can always send it to an organization that accepts mattresses or old beds like that. Obviously, now if they have some conditions as to what will and will not be accepted you don’t necessarily have to get it cleaned. You simply give it to its owner in return for them taking it away from your house.

Donate it

There will be plenty of charities that will be willing to accept your clean and usable mattress as a donation. However, it must be free of stains. But, some charities like Goodwill will not accept a mattress as a form of donation, no matter what. So, you’ll need to contact the local donation center for more details regarding that. If not to an organization, you can also donate it to a church or a shelter that is on a project looking to help people in need.

If you’re unable to find any shelter like such, you can always reach out to an organization like Donation Town that will help you find local charities and also offer free pickup services. Along with shelters for people, you might also want to check in with the ones for animals. Old mattresses can come in handy for them.

Recycle it

An average mattress is made up of 60-80% of recyclable materials. So it is always a great opportunity to recycle or repurpose it. But, the problem with your first option of recycling centers is that almost all of them accept some specifically designed mattress and charge you a little fee for picking it up from your home. Now, most of you wouldn’t want to pay them that.

So, if you’re somewhat into DIY, you can break down the box springs and mattresses for yourself. The metal springs and junk can be sold to scrappers near you. While the cotton and fiber can be used for some extra padding and insulation around your house. The wooden part of the bed can always be gardened. Creating compost, for instance. Other parts can be used to put art and decorations around in your house. Plus, you can always google some DIY crafts ideas and get those creative juices flowing.

With a bit of creativity, you can always repurpose your old bed into a piece of art, furniture, decoration, etc. If it is in a better condition, you can always donate it to a deserving charity and do your part in the community. However, if it cannot be used at all, contact 3 Kings Hauling.It is one of the best junk removal company. Their professionals will visit your place and take the mattress away to dispose of it in a proper manner.

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