What to Look for in a Coworking Space? Here are x Easy Steps

In the cut-throat competitive world of today, businesses are embracing the changing dynamics of the workspace to survive and thrive. And a coworking space is an integral part of this dynamics.

Therefore, multinationals or globally recognized companies and entrepreneurs are switching from traditional workspace to coworking spaces. A major feature of coworking spaces is that they not only provide you with better growth opportunities but come with ample possibilities of networking, sustainability, and accessibility. The coworking center will encourage the productivity of employees and initiate collaborative projects. Hence now is the time to consider coworking business centers that work well for business needs.

With so many choices available, selecting a suitable coworking space in Bangalore for your venture is tough. But this article contains steps that will guide you to the perfect spot.

  1. Economical

Selecting a suitable coworking space will provide you with a great working atmosphere with the state of art facilities without biting a chunk of money into your pocket. Always remember to consider the office space without bearing additional leasing and maintenance costs of a private one.

  1. Members

While selecting shared office space for you, it is worthwhile to check the list of coworking members that are currently occupying the space. If you are a freelancer looking for networking opportunities, select an area that includes professionals from multiple work domains, as it will open various doors for you. Another approach you can adopt is to utilize the trial period option and see firsthand whether you can connect with them or not. Nothing is better than working in a jovial environment with passionate people.

  1. Meeting Room 

It is the need for freelancers and small businesses to conduct meetings and being a member of a coworking hub means that you no longer need to complete these meetings at any random place. If you often need a meeting room of a specific size, then make sure the facility houses that. Every provider offers a different system, so ensure yourself that this aligns with your demand for business. Mostly the coworking spaces will charge for meeting room usage; however, to avoid these huge expenses, you can request specific meetings be conducted in a month or year and include this in your membership plan.

  1. Connectivity

Easy accessibility plays a huge role in the selection of coworking spaces. Sometimes it becomes cumbersome if you need to travel so much daily after office work. However, most of the employees will lose their valuable time in traveling. Therefore, find an office space for rent that is near to you or is in a prime locality or has easy connectivity from the employee’s location. Local coworking space enables you to eliminate traffic jams and ultimately will enhance your productivity.

  1. Amenities

The amenities you require in the office space vary from business to business, as most coworking spaces include all the basic amenities like a managed reception, courier handling, well-stocked pantry, 24×7 power backup, and many more. The coworking sector is growing, and many brands differentiate themselves by providing fully furnished office space and other services. Even some coworking centers are offering the concept of serviced and managed offices to provide reception support and mail handling services, and it is beneficial for those who want to retain their brand identity while working out of a coworking office.

  1. Vibrant and Engaged Community

When you start working on the coworking desk, you also join its community. It is crucial to understand that being surrounded by other professionals, digital nomads, and other talented people is an excellent opportunity to join a coworking community. Interaction with people and friends will help you build strong relationships and encourage you to return to work each day.

This social aspect of working alongside people who get the entrepreneurial challenges will enable you to avoid the feeling of isolation and loneliness which arises after working independently.

  1. Reliable IT Support

Some coworking providers understand the need for a reliable internet connection. Make sure the Wi-Fi and internet in your coworking office space runs smoothly and efficiently and find out how fast it can be set up. Ask if there are phones available and if fully equipped meeting rooms are provided. Asking questions in this area can save you a lot later. When choosing a coworking space, you should remember that having a robust office space enables you to expand comfortably.

Many coworking spaces provide IT support onsite to assist with setup. If you have any IT problems, you will be grateful that you chose a place with people who are dedicated to solving them quickly.

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Find a suitable coworking space that allows you to perform well and take advantage of the best-in-class amenities offered by the office space. Your company’s growth will be significantly affected by the right decision. If you are thinking about taking up space in coworking, then go for a reliable name like iKeva which has presence across 3 major cities – Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai. iKeva offers coworking space, team office, virtual office, serviced and managed office.

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