Calgary or Edmonton
Calgary or Edmonton

Which City is Better Calgary or Edmonton?

As the most recent Canadian census has shown, over one million people moved to Alberta last year alone. With another half-million people moving to the province over the next few years, this is set to become the dominant cultural and economic force in the country. But which city reigns supreme? That is the question.

These are two very diverse cities. The first is the capital, Calgary, which is home to some of the most recognizable and beloved Canadian institutions. The second is the more…well, rural city of Edmonton. It is bigger, further east, and has a very distinct cultural identity.

Which city is better? It really is hard to say. There are so many advantages to both cities. Calgary is a global mecca for business, boasting a seemingly endless supply of oil sand projects. The city is also home to the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) headquarters and many other large, reputable businesses. With so much opportunity, it is little wonder people are flocking there.

Many Calgarians take great pride in their city. One of the things that makes them so proud is that 97% of Calgarians consider the city to be ‘Sustainable’. This is a world-class rating and demonstrates that the city is serious about reducing its environmental impact and following a green agenda. There are a lot of big changes going on in Calgary and for the better. The city is modern, progressive, and booming.

Meanwhile, Edmonton is a traditional oil town. It sits mostly in the middle of nowhere in the Canadian prairies. Despite this, the city has a very unique cultural identity, which is reflected in all of its attractions. Whether you like sports, wine, or art, you can find something to enjoy in Edmonton. As well as being the capital of Alberta, it is also the cultural heart of the country. The city’s restaurants, cafes, and bars showcase wonderful local produce and offer an insight into the local culture. There is also a world-class festival, Festival Edmonton, which showcases the best of northern Canadian arts and culture. Not only is it a great city for tourists, but it also offers up plenty for the local community to enjoy too.

The two cities couldn’t be more different. Calgary is the center of business, while Edmonton is the center of culture. If you love a busy urban environment, you could certainly live in Calgary and enjoy the many dining and entertainment opportunities the city has to offer. But if you want a more peaceful life, you could move to Edmonton and take in the stunning views of the Canadian prairies. Either way, you are sure to have fun.

When it comes to lifestyle, the cities are equally as different. Calgary is a great place to build a family. There is lots of green space and the city parks are bustling with people. Children are an important part of society in Calgary. There is also a large number of childcare facilities, which ease the burden of parents who need to work. This is important, as working mommies and daddies are the norm in Calgary, not the exception. In fact, the city is so kid-friendly, it was ranked the 5th happiest place for kids by Forbes. And what is a city built on oil sands but has kids living joyfully within its borders?

On the other hand, Edmonton is a more traditional city. Like many other oil towns in Alberta, it is primarily made up of single-family homes. The city is home to famous hockey player, Wayne Gretzky. But perhaps the most prominent feature of the city is its numerous shopping centers. These include Northlands, Edmonton Mall, and Canada Post Forum. These are great places to find what you need and to enjoy an afternoon or evening out with family and friends. The downside of living in Edmonton is that if you work (or plan on working), you will most likely struggle to find childcare that suits your needs.

So, which city is better? The answer is both. Both cities have something great to offer. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or engineer, you could thrive in Calgary. The city has many large companies and is home to over 150,000 students. That is a lot of potential customers, employees, and fellow students to network with. If you are looking for a more peaceful life, you could move to Edmonton and take in its beautiful cityscape. It would be a shame to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy both cities, as there is so much to do in both of them.

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