French music this year

Who are the new revelations of French music this year?

Who are the new revelations of French music this year? Is it Pierre de Maere, Tiakola, Mentissa or The girl of the Fille de l’ère

So who is the girl of the Fille de l’ère

One thing that is certain is that today many artists can exist through social networks but the reality is that it takes an essential reward capable of boosting a career and shedding light on the stars of tomorrow. .

So who are the favorites of the competition this year to win the next Euro vision?

Many called but few chosen…

Every year, the media, “Eurofans” and bookmakers have their favourites. And, often, the predictions turn out to be quite accurate.

And to avoid certain favoritism you should know that all kinds of candidates, many individuals and independent artists register on and send their title
There are also artists proposed by record companies, majors and independent labels.

On this occasion we met and followed a young artist La fille de l’ère who clearly displays her ambitions and desires to represent France for the next few years of L’euro vision.

So who is the girl of the era?

Era Girl is an emotion enhancer to inspire your life.

Our style is the fruit of several influences among which we find The Police, Cold Play, Pink Floyd, U2, the French song. It is resolutely turned towards French pop.

The majority of personal development-oriented texts are written by Nathalie Fossat in French and some others in English.
Their goal is to connect people to their inner Being, to allow themselves to feel and experience their emotions. Inspiring the lives of others is a Mantra.

Proud to present to you this new nugget of French song, quickly find this group which is likely to ignite the next concert halls
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