Why is salon POS system so important in 2022

Over the last two decades, the beauty and wellness industry has seen stellar growth. While many reasons can be attributed to exponential growth, the primary reasons maybe listed as rising disposable incomes, availability of information and adoption of technology. Studies have indicated that the beauty and wellness industry will continue to grow at an annualized rate of 12% every year with increasing number of people opting for both elective and necessary procedures that not only make them look great but also make them feel validated. Thus, increasing number of salons are looking to ride the wave and capture an increasing share of the market and transforming the way how their businesses operate.

One of the ways how businesses are transforming is by rapidly adopting technology. Popularly known as a salon POS system, the software forms the backbone of your business and streamlines all the administrative tasks, reduces duplicity in the procedures and gives both the guests and the providers with a seamless experience. So, if you are amongst those businesses that are still fence sitting on the idea of adopting a salon POS system, read along to know how hair salon POS system features can transform your business and help grow your business by multiple times.

Increased Efficiency

A salon POS system is designed to do all the legwork for you and your team such that collectively you can focus on what do you the best i.e. provide exceptional client service. By taking up all the load of administrative tasks such as appointment booking, scheduling, creating waitlists, managing inventory, generating invoices, processing payments, running payrolls, and suggest marketing ideas a salon POS system gives you and your team enough free time to focus on other important aspects of your business related to client experience, sales and business performance. By optimizing the process and automating them it helps you save hundreds of man hours and run a lean and efficient enterprise.

Business Mobility

You may have come across the term known as business mobility. It simply means that have your business data ready for your review, anytime and anywhere. Ranking amongst the key features of a POS system, is its ability to make your business data available to you anytime anywhere. Most salon POS systems store data on cloud based systems and therefore you and your team, with proper authorization, can access the information anytime anywhere. Whether you are traveling for work or leisure, a salon POS system empowers you to control your business from anytime anywhere in the world! In literal sense, it puts your business at your fingertips.

Reduction in No Shows & Late Appointments

One of the ways how a salon POS system has transformed businesses is by working to ensure a full appointment calendar. With host of features such as timely reminders, and a ready waitlist the system dynamically works towards the goal of zero no shows and late appointments. No longer do you or your providers have to hear excuses such as, “Sorry, it slipped my mind”. The salon POS system send advanced notifications to both the guests and the providers about the upcoming appointments and seeks a secondary confirmation to ensure that everyone maintains the schedule. Should any appointment be rescheduled to cancelled, the system automatically informs the waitlisted client about the opening of the slot and allocates the slot to the waitlisted client.

Improved digital presence

When it comes to building your brand, it is important that you have your business listed on google business, have a well-crafted social media presence, and have positive reviews on the web. With more and more clients opting to go through reviews prior to patronizing any salon or spa, it is about time that the businesses reach where their clients are i.e. have the entire repository of information on the web. Whether you’re looking for a strategy for uploading content or posts on social media pages or encouraging your clients to submit reviews, a salon POS system can easily automate all these tasks. By automatically sending review forms as soon as invoices are cleared the POS system encourages clients to provide feedback. The system also conducts periodic surveys to ascertain the pulse of the client such that the services offered by the salon can be tailor made to meet the client’s expectations.

Business Insights

The salon POS system is your hub of data. This is where all the information about your business gets stored. Did you know that a salon POS system can help you gather business insights such that you can improve your marketing, and consequentially the profits? With the huge amount of data that is stored in the system, the salon POS system runs deep data analytics to understand client profile, preferences, frequency of visits, choice of services, etc. to suggest marketing ideas which may have higher acceptability with the client. Further, by generating statistics related to sales, margin, staff performance etc, the salon POS system keeps a complete pulse of the state of affairs.

A salon POS system has a host of benefits other than the ones elaborated above. By automating almost all tasks, the system takes off the burden from your shoulders, and empowers you take your business to the next level. One of the renowned salon chains, Warren Tricomi which has salon locations spanning across continents were one of the early adopters of technology and chose to deploy Zenoti hair salon management system. The hair salon has reportedly increased it sales by 40% because of assistance from Zenoti insights.

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