10 World Popular Social Bookmarking Websites


Twitter is an excellent tool for this, and you can do so in a variety of ways.

To begin, simply posting links, images, and content to your account means you’ve technically bookmarked them. You could then go back through your account and find what you were looking for.

In addition, you can use the ‘like’ button for specific tweets.


Pinterest takes the “show, don’t tell” approach to marketing, and it has been very successful, with 70 million users.

More than half of daily users consult the site before making a purchase in a store.


StumbleUpon is a popular social bookmarking site. When you bookmark something, you can include additional information about it, such as the type of content and the subject.

It includes an excellent toolbar to make this process as simple as possible. Users can also enter their own interests and be shown relevant content submitted by others.


Dribble is a fantastic bookmarking site geared toward designers. This is not only a great place for inspiration, but it is also a great place to drive traffic to your site if you are a designer or have a design team.

Encouraging your design team to participate is a good way to gain traction.


Pocket is a very well-designed social bookmarking website. It comes with an app that allows you to Pocket items as you go, saving you from having to return to the site all the time. To find interesting things, you can also search by interest.


Reddit bills itself as the “front page of the internet.” Users submit links to stories, images, or videos they find interesting, and other Reddit users can up vote or down vote these submissions.

You can create a list of bookmarked content by up voting, commenting, or down voting.


Slashdot publishes user-submitted news articles about Linux, computer hardware, devices, games, cloud, mobile, storage, security, management, book reviews, and other topics. Details can be found in the submission guidelines.


Scoop. It serves professionals, businesses, non-profits, and corporations. The site has well over 1 million registered users, so while it is not the largest site on this list, it still has a sizable audience. Depending on how many topics you want to post about, you can choose between a free and a paid plan.

If you are going to use social bookmarking sites as part of your marketing strategy, don’t forget about the ‘social’ part.


Digg has evolved significantly over the years. Previously, it was more like Reddit, with the front page being curated by the site’s users. This is now done by editors, but the bookmarking function remains.

Digg can be an excellent resource for discovering new content and organizing it through your profile. But be careful, it can become quite addictive.

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