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Watchcartoononline- Cartoons are a great way to distract your 4 month old toddler. Whether you have a restless little monster or you have a calm little saint, you let him spend some time in front of the television. The bright colors they see in the cartoons and the moving characters keep them engaged. You can relax for a little while when you let your kids watch TV.

Taking care of your little one is a full-time job. If you are a new mom who lives all alone, cartoons are going to be a great help. You can take a call or do the household chores that you are unable to when you are taking care of the baby.

Children are able to learn about different colors and cultures by watch television. They pick the things they watch quickly and imitate their favorite characters.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for the different TV shows for kids or cartoons to show up on the TV. You can now watch cartoons online. With smart TV, you can even watch online cartoons on TV. Moreover, even if you don’t have a smart TV at home, you can connect your mobile app with the TV to watch cartoons online.

Reasons why you should make your kids watch cartoons online

We live in a digital age where everyone has a mobile phone. We spend most of the time in our day on these devices. Our mobile phones have made our lives easier. We can connect with our family and friends, get the latest updates about what is happening around the world, and watch anything we want. We can even watch our favorite cartoons online.

Free of cost:

There is nothing better than getting yourself entertained for free. You can watch cartoons free of cost online for hours. There is no restriction for you. You don’t even have to pay any kind of fees or charges. However, there are websites like Netflix and Amazon prime that offer you to watch cartoons online. The subscription for these websites is not too expensive. If you don’t want to get a subscription you can watch cartoons for free on Watch Disney Plus On TV – Disneyplus .com/begin, Disney junior, cartoon on, and watch cartoon online.

Available 24/7:

There is no time restriction on watching cartoons online. They are available 24 hours. Almost all websites that gives you the opportunity of watching cartoons online allow you to watch them at any time you want.

If you have dinner at home, you can always make your kids watch cartoons on the internet to keep them busy. You can do all the household chores while they are watching cartoons.


The best thing about watching cartoons online is that you can watch them anywhere you are.  Whether you are on a vacation or you are at home, if you have an internet connection, you can entertain yourself for hours.

You don’t even have to get disappointed for missing the episode of your favorite show. You can always watch it later on YouTube or other cartoon sites available.

Popular Websites to watch cartoons online.

We live in a fast paced world. We don’t have enough time to sit and wait for our favorite show on the TV. It is the same when it comes to our kids. We are unable to keep track of their favorite cartoons.

Watching cartoons online is the most convenient option. If you are looking for the best website to watch cartoons online, here is the list of the popular ones.

Cartoon On

Are you in search of a secure website to watch cartoons online? Cartoons On is a free website where you can stream your favorite cartoons. No matter what kind of cartoons you want to watch, you’d find them here. This website is extremely user-friendly and gives you HD quality videos. You can access it from your tablet or device.

Watching cartoons on cartoons allows you to watch old and new cartoons. You don’t even have to register online. This website is absolutely free. It is a reliable cartoon website that allows you to watch cartoons whenever you want. There is no need for you to wait for the cartoons to come on the TV, you can watch them online.

Visit the website on a daily basis if you want to be aware of the new cartoons and favorite shows. You don’t even have to download the cartoons to watch online. The website gives you safe streaming. Your computer is not exposed to any kind of risks and threats. You can also invite your friends and family to enjoy watching cartoons.


Cartoonito has a collection of all the favorite cartoons you would like to watch again. This website also has to sing along videos, pre-school games. Your little one is going to have a lot of fun on this website.

Moreover, the website also has cartoonito tales that are told by real children. Your kids are going to find them interesting. They’d be able to gain a lot from these tales. Moreover, with the real children performing, they’d be able to relate with them.

Cartoonito is an educational website where cartoons are a good source of learning. Your kids will have a good exposure. They’d be able to improve their vocabulary and enhance their analytical skills through light entertainment. The best thing is that you don’t have to monitor your kid when he is watching cartoons on this website. He can explore the fun activities on the website on his own.

Disney Junior

Disney Junior is owned by The Walt Disney Company. You can check out the exclusive Disney cartoons on this website. You can also watch Sophia the first Tv show which is a popular one. Sofia is a girl who makes everyone around her feel good. She adapts well to the extraordinary life when her mother marries the king.

If you are a fan of mickey mouse, you’d be glad to know that you can watch the cartoons online on Disney Junior with your kid. There are different other activities on the website that you can watch. There are coloring club printables that you get for your little one.

Disney Junior has a collection of the latest and updated cartoons that you want to watch. If you are looking for something entertaining and adventurous for your kid, we recommend you to watch Fancy Nancy Clancy (2018). Nancy teaches amazing lessons to your little girl. Nancy makes the ordinary into extraordinary. She is full of adventure. She loves butterflies, the color fuchsia, and throwing parties for her friends. Your little princess is going to feel great joy while watching these cartoons. You can also explore the vast collection of other Disney cartoons available on this user-friendly website.

You Tube

YouTube is one of the most popular cartoon-watching websites. You can also find your favorite seasons and dramas. There are countless movies for kids and adults you can choose from.

Peppa pig is a fabulous cartoon show you can watch on youtube. Kids are crazy about it. Peppa pig teaches them great lessons. There are other cartoons also available.

You can check out all the old Disney cartoons on YouTube. If you want to relive you’re your childhood memories, you can find sleeping beauty, Cinderella, and snow-white cartoons on your tube.

You don’t even need to subscribe or register to watch anything on youTube. The website is so easy to use that even your little toddler will learn to play it fast.

YouTube is an enormous website with more than 30 million users. It has massive data of videos including cartoons and animated movies. You can download the youtube app on your mobile and create a kids-friendly version. You can also find other kinds of creative and informative videos your kids would love to watch.


Toonjet is another fabulous website that allows you to watch your favorite looney tunes. You don’t even have to sign up or register to watch the cartoons.

However, if you want to give your reviews and rate the cartoons, you have the option of signing up. Signing up gives you the advantage of interacting with like-minded people. You get to have a chat with people who have the same favorites as you have.

Toonjet is a user-friendly website that is absolutely free. You don’t have to give any kind of fees or charges for using the website.


Nickelodeon is another popular platform that allows you to watch cartoons for free on the internet. Yes, you don’t need to sign up. It is free to use. The website comes with a straightforward and user-friendly design.

Nickelodeon makes searching for your favorite cartoon easy. You can find an amazing collection of cartoons on the homepage.


Are you looking for an over the top experience to watch cartoons online? There is a vast collection of popular cartoons available on Netflix. From Sofia the first to We bare bears, you name it, they have every cartoon you want to watch.

Netflix is a great platform for you to sit on the couch and enjoy an endless amount of laughter with your kids while watching cartoons. You can escape the hustle and bustle of life for a while by comfortably watching amazing shows for kids on Netflix.

If you want to watch cartoons on Netflix, you’ll have to subscribe for it. You cannot watch them for free. However, the subscription is not very expensive. Once you get yourself the subscription, you are able to enjoy the best shows in the world on Netflix.


Do you want to watch English dubbed cartoons online? Watchcartoononline is a great platform with HD quality videos. Without paying any kind of fee you can enjoy watching cartoons online with your kids. You don’t even need to sign up for watching your favorite cartoons online. You can make a watch later list to watch the cartoons you like.

No matter what genre you want to watch drama, comedy, adventure, you can find everything on watch cartoons online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions in mind? Check out the frequently asked questions we have answers to. You might get an answer to the question you want to ask.

Is watching cartoons online legal?

If you have a question in mind about whether watching cartoons online is free or not, we have the answer for you. Watching cartoons online is not illegal. There are some websites that have the license for making the cartoons available online.

However, not all website on the internet is eligible to show you free cartoons. You have to choose the website very carefully. Make sure that you stay away from unknown websites. They might harm your device. Hence, it is best to choose a website that is secure and properly licensed.

Are online cartoon site safe and secure?

Yes, watching cartoons online is safe and secure. It depends on what site you are choosing to watch your favorite cartoon shows. Always make sure that you watch a website that does not pollute your computer with any kind of bugs and viruses. If you are not sure which cartoon websites are safe, you can choose from the list we have provided.

Am I required to monitor my child while he is watching online cartoons?

As a parent, you have a responsibility to make sure that your kids are watching appropriate content. Your kid is exposed to a new world of the internet when you make him watch cartoons online. There are many cartoon watching websites online that are safe for the kids to watch without being monitored. They don’t need constant parental guidance. You just have to do your homework and choose the safest site.

Benefits of watching cartoons.

Improved vocabulary:

When children watch cartoons from an early age, they are exposed to different words. This improves their vocabulary. They use the words they learn from the cartoons in their conversation with other kids and their parents. Cartoons help them learn new words. Moreover, cartoons help children learn about different objects. They are also able to put a name to every object.

By watching cartoons from different cultures, your kids get to learn how people in those cultures behave. They also pick a few words from their language. If you make your kids watch Spanish or French cartoons, they’ll pick a word or two. This would enhance their linguistic skills while enhancing their vocabulary.

Unlimited life lessons

Cartoons provide kids important life lessons. They are able to learn about teamwork and leadership qualities. Most cartoons make kids realize the importance of believing in themselves. They are able to learn about independence and individuality while working in a team.

Kids who watch cartoons when they are small are able to perform better as adults. They learn how to express their feelings for their loved ones, the importance of having good friends, and standing up for what they believe in. Moreover, they also get to learn about prioritizing their friends and family at a very early age.

Develops personality

Watching cartoons develops the personality of your kids. Your kids are able to relate to the characters they watch. Cartoons are a great way of instilling important personality traits in your children at a very early age. Your kids learn to say thank you when someone gives them anything. They are able to appreciate the little things in life.

Moreover, many cartoons have good and bad characters. This allows your children to know the difference between the two. They get to learn about the importance of reflecting optimism in their character and behavior.

Negative Impacts:

Cartoons affect your children to a great extent. There are cartoons that have a positive effect on the behavior of your kids, but there are many that can have a negative impact. Cartoons that have violence and action make kids violent and aggressive. Moreover, they can also make children believe that no one gets hurt when you hit them.

Tom and jerry are popular cartoons which we all grew up watching. However, Tom and Jerry are always fighting and hitting each other. This could impact your kids in a negative way. You have to make them understand that such kind of behavior is not acceptable in real life.

There are many cartoon characters that don’t obey the elders and are rude to everyone. This could make your kids learn that bullying someone is ok. Here, you have to plan an important role in guiding them on what is not a good thing to do.

Moreover, cartoons also make the kids antisocial. They get addicted to watching cartoons and don’t want to play outside.


All in all, cartoons are a good source of entertainment for both children and adults. Cartoons bring feelings of happiness and joy to your life. You can quench your craving for watching cartoons online from popular cartoon-watching websites.

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