Social Media Trends
Social Media Trends

3 Social Media Trends That Affect Video Marketing

In today’s digitised era, it’s okay to say that traditional advertising methods are no longer that effective. So whether it’s on TV, YouTube, or anywhere else, people avoid watching anything that sounds or looks like an ad. 

Thus, it has become increasingly important to focus on making videos with content marketing strategies and share them on social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Just imagine: when you watch any program on Television, you wait for the ad to end. However, you are willing to search for ad videos on platforms like Facebook or YouTube. 

So, why is it important? The sooner you understand the direct impacts of social media trends on video marketing, the sooner you can leverage the offerings from these social media sites. In addition, if you succeed in establishing an effective and powerful synergy between social marketing and video content, you’ll be able to boost the reachability of brands. 

When making video content for social media channels, you should consider some trends, which are as follows: 

Emotion Is a Critical Social Media Trend 

Any breaking news related to these genres can lead social media to blend a national dialogue, whether politics or social rights. Any business wouldn’t make the mistake of engaging themselves in any controversial topic. 

However, social media has been an excellent platform with endless posts and statuses shared to support abortion, LGBTQ rights, and some infamous cases show that users over these platforms are emotionally connected to such stories and events. 

Similarly, if you can frequently incorporate emotions into your social media and video marketing strategies, you’ll receive a huge response from the audience.

Short-Form Content Is The New Trend! 

Whether it’s Snapchat or Twitter’s 140 characters, you’ll find that social media gives rise to a culture where the focus is on short-form content and shorter reading or attention span than before. For example, Instagram now only allows individuals to post 15-second long stories and 30-second long reels. 

Although your content for video marketing can be longer than any 6-second vine video, you won’t get the desired attention from the viewers for an extended period unless your video content is compelling. Today, video marketing has become deeply influenced by the short-form content trend. The influence led people to use online video maker to develop videos within a short duration of time. 

However, if you’re bound to make a longer video, which is fine, you’ll get the best out of your content by using a professional video editing tool. Such a tool will help your video seamlessly flow from one part to another with a connection and transitional meaning. 

Engagement Is Important For Video Marketing

To boost engagement like likes, shares, and comments, you’ll have to focus on a few things. First, instead of bluntly promoting the brand, you should focus on delivering valuable and engaging video content for the users. 

Why does it matter so much? Well, one of the primary reasons behind videos going viral in social media culture is having a high engagement rate. This engagement enables your video and brand to endure additional exposure to the public like never before. 

Although video marketing has emerged as a superb platform that lets people listen to your brand’s voice, it becomes crucial to stay engaged via conversations. 

Tips For Effective Video Marketing On Social Media Channels 

Now that you know the trends and importance of social media for your video content and branding, it’s crucial to look at the tips that will help your video marketing strategies succeed on social media channels. 

  • Create Videos Audience Will Interact With: Primarily, pay attention to creating videos that the audience will tend to share. Make your videos as simple and short as possible and work on topics that people can resonate with or that are beneficial for them. 
  • Create Videos That Adapts To All Social Network Algorithms: You must consider how social networks behave when sharing video content. For instance, Twitter ranks content like the latest news or updates higher than other content, SnapchatSnapchat content is transient, and Facebook tends to have extended periods in which people are expected to react. 
  • Incorporate SEO In Your Video Marketing Strategy: if you incorporate YouTube in your video marketing strategy, it becomes crucial to opt for SEO optimisation to boost your number of playbacks. Every social media network has a different set of positioning strategies, so SEO becomes essential here. 
  • The Shorter The Video, The Better: Every social media channel has its specified video length. However, if you create short videos for every platform, you can easily help them reach more people. 
  • Use Storytelling In Your Videos: If you genuinely want your video to resonate with the audience to make your brand memorable, communicate a compelling story through your video. No one has the time to watch a typical ad, be creative instead. 
  • Include Call-To-Action (CTA) In Your Videos: By adding CTAs to your video content, you appeal to your viewers to take some action after watching the video. To send clear messages via the CTAs, make them effective by using phrases like “Download Now.”
  • Make Sure The Beginning Is Mind-Grabbing: One of the biggest challenges of video marketing is the drop-off rate. Several users tend to leave your videos or stop watching them after a few seconds. Thus, it becomes crucial to make your video content compelling and engaging from the very beginning. Make sure the first 10-20 seconds grab the viewer’s attention.

Final Thoughts 

It’s good to remember that YouTube is a social media channel that takes pride in having more than 800 active users. So when considering engaging with users on Twitter or Facebook, remember that YouTube should be your first choice before any of them. 

Moreover, whenever you plan to post or share a video, make plans and ensure proper coordination to simultaneously promote the video on multiple platforms. If you successfully synergise your social media marketing with all its components, you’ll find that your video creation efforts will become more seamless than ever. 

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